Battlefield 4 Campaign Details

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
Electronic Arts have given a brief tease of how the first segments of the single player campaign mode will play out in its upcoming first-person shooter Battlefield 4. Beware, spoilers may be ahead.

You play as Sergeant Daniel Recker, who must lead an elite soldier group named "Tombstone squad", who is tasked with collecting intelligence from a Russian General in Azerbaijan. The mission doesn't quite go to plan, and naturally you must fight your way through waves of Russian troops to escape with the precious intel. Once the group has been led to safety, the intelligence confirms that Chinese Admiral Chang is about to commence a coup in China with the support of the Russians.

In response to this, you and your squad must head to Shanghai to extract a group of VIP's. However, they won't be getting much support from the Chinese since the United States has been implicated in the assassination of a popular peace maker, resulting in the declaration of martial law in China by Admiral Chang. In addition, riots have broken out between citizens and the police forces. Both U.S. and Russian forces arrive just outside of China's coast, and you just know this is not going to end well.

Tombstone squad eventually reaches the VIP's, as well as CIA field operative Laszlo W. Kovic and a mysterious character who the Chinese are very keen to get their hands on. The squad escorts the VIP's, as well as other innocent civilians, through a dangerous battlefield to reach safety on their U.S.S. Valkyrie warship. With everyone safely aboard, the ship then sets sail towards Singapore, where they will meet up with the other U.S. ships and carriers. What they find when they arrive is nothing short of shocking as their entire friendly fleet has been decimated. With so many questions, there is only one thing for certain: you are now completely on your own...

Phew! Anway, time to get a glimpse of two members of Tombstone squad, both last seen in operations “Fishing in Baku” and “Angry Sea”. First up, we have the Marine Combat Lifesaver Clayton "Pac" Pakowski, callsign "Tombstone 4":
July 21st

Next up we have the 32-year old Staff Sergeant Kimble "Irish" Graves, callsign "Tombstone 3":
July 21st

Battlefield 4 will blast into stores on October 29th for Xbox 360, and for the Xbox One sometime after that console is released.