Minecraft Update Teaser

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
Microsoft Studios have shot down suggestions that they will do a Summer of Arcade skin pack this year for the insanely popular block-building simulation Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, after having created one last year as a one-off. However, they are eager to announce that 4J studios have posted a new screenshot, teasing a bit more of what might be coming in Title Update 12:

July 21st

While we already know about the additions of Ocelots, Cats, Iron Golems, and increased build height from 128 to 256 blocks, is there anything in this picture which gives a hint as to what else we can expect? Well, we can confirm that the update will include mob head decorative blocks, but won't include the Wither boss mob (that one will come in a later update).

The team at 4J are still currently testing the Title Update for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, and confirmed by Twitter that there are quite a few architectural code changes in the mix, as opposed to purely cosmetic ones. As such, no release date has been given yet for this patch.