Sniper Ghost Warrior Release Date Confirmed

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
Sniper Ghost Warrior. As titles go, it's not the best. A similar comparison would be Codemaster's calling their next rallying title, 'Rally Fast Hardly Brake Hero'.

Regardless, City Interactive have confirmed that their forthcoming FPS has gone gold and will be released June 29th. As you'll no doubt have heard by now, City Interactive are pushing the realism aspect of the title, claiming that the ballistics of sniping are accurately modelled, and even the weather will impact upon your shots.

The full blurb on the game is given thus:

If there is a situation that the US government can’t allow, it would surely be an old Uranium mine controlled by guerilla forces in a rogue state. Take part in a secret Delta Force mission to secure the site as an elite commando sniper. Not only international security, but also your own security lays in your hands, as you infiltrate the enemy compounds with one goal: shoot to kill. If you can’t manage to remain unseen, you won’t make it home!
Non-sniper fans needn't worry too much. The game is actually based around two soldiers, only one of which is sniper class. The other is your more GI Joe character who enjoys blowing stuff up and unloading whole clips into the enemy before teabagging them in a victory dance (the latter is just a guess on my part).

Will it sink or swim in the crowded FPS market? With a new Medal of Honour title coming, and of course Call of Duty: Black Ops it could be a tough call.