Saints Row IV Hails the Chief Again in New Video

By SgtDigglesworth, 5 years ago
With the surprising news of the triumphant return of Johnny Gat, and the recently released trailer celebrating Independance Day in a way only Volition would deliver, on the intergalactic grand-scale of "over-the-top", Saints Row IV takes the cake.

Before you watch the new trailer titled "Hail to the Chief #2: Animal Protection Act", check out the Hail to the Chief #1 and get your boogie-woogie started.

Recently at San Diego Comi-Con 2013, Volition held a panel that featured many of the game's voice actors. Game Informer attended the panel and you can read their full article here that details some of the changes fans can expect from the next instalment.

Studio Head of Volition, Steve Jaros, made a few game defining statements that alluded to gamers running into old members of Ronin's Saints Row 2 gang.

Many gamers may feel cautious regarding how the return of Gat would affect the story, but Jaros notes that "fans will be given a satisfying explanation" as to how Johnny Gat comes back from the dead.

Finally, two more key points from the panel was the announcement that the original Enter the Dominatrix DLC will launch 45 days after the release of Saints Row IV and, for those wrestling buffs out there, the game will not have a wrestling gang featured in this instalment, but one of the radio stations will feature American Professional Wrestler Chris Daniels as a DJ.

Saints Row IV will release on August 20th in North America and Globally on August 23rd.
Credit for this story goes to iAMxYUNGxGxBABY