Xbox One Gaming Features Discussed by Developers

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
At Comic-Con International, game developers have discussed with enthusiasm some of the things that they are able to accomplish on Microsoft's Xbox One. They include advanced graphic fidelity, a more powerful Kinect, enhanced gameplay in the Cloud, and Xbox SmartGlass.

Dead Rising 3 Executive Producer Josh Bridge was keen to point out that the hardware provided in the Xbox One let them realise their highly detailed vision for their nightmare zombie apocalypse; the world is much larger than previous titles with players able to explore more of the increasingly realistic environment with a greater number of game actors at play at one time. This means a frighteningly larger and more detailed horde of the undead to contend with.

One of the big things we wanted to do with the Xbox One’s increased horsepower was to push the reality of the world and make it more believable and tense. Zombies are the enemy this time, so why not make it look good?
July 25th

July 25th

The developers have also praised the new powerful Kinect sensor. Rare's New Technology Development Lead Nick Burton claimed the Kinect, having ten times the power of the original model and the ability to see a player's fingertips from a mere three meters away, has helped them refine the motion control mechanics in their upcoming Kinect Sports Rivals. One of the more fascinating applications of the technology was that it could quickly generate an in-game avatar based on your actual face structure, hair, skin colour, body composition, and even your expression.

Microsoft Studios Creative Director Ken Lobb has touted the Kinect's advanced ability to identify players so that it can quickly sign you into your profile without any manual intervention using a controller. Just sit down, and you are good to go! Best of all, all your personalised preferences are loaded up, so no need to fiddle around with settings each time you want to join your gaming buddies on the couch.

In regards to online gaming, we already know about the modifications to improve matchmaking, but now developers are being able to use information about the way we play games to improve and challenge us further. For example, Turn 10 Studios Forza Motorsport 5 will collect data about the player's driving styles in-game and aggregate it to form a formidable new opponent known as the "Drivatar". Forza 5 Creative Director Dan Greenawalt explains:

It watches the way you play and the cloud takes all this data and data from the entire community and builds an opponent with no set or finite number of variables. It creates variables based on what it saw the community do and trains your Drivatar to drive just the way you do.
Using Game DVR and Upload Studio, players will now be able to store, edit, and upload their most awesome gaming highlights to the Internet for others to watch. If you are not interested in spending time editing videos, the Xbox One will also support a plain record mode; simply say "Xbox Record" at any time to begin laying down an awesome gameplay video.
July 25th

Finally, the developers touched on SmartGlass functionality, detailing how it allows them to break into a whole new dimension of gaming simply by utilising other mobile devices you might have lying around the house. The developers of Ryse: Son of Rome were able to make use of the extra mobile device interface to allow players to quickly view statistics, achievement guides, manipulate their characters and even set up multiplayer matches while playing an entirely different game. This potentially makes waiting in multiplayer lobbies a thing of the past.

July 25th

One of the really interesting ways that SmartGlass technology is being implemented is showcased in Dead Rising 3, whereby the game will supposedly simulate a phone call to your mobile phone at various times to give in-game support and extra missions. You will also be able to pick up your SmartGlass-enabled tablet device to set waypoints, view maps, or even call in air-strikes. Developers were keen to mention that they are already thinking up ways to incorporate a "couch co-op" element to games, where a gaming buddy can sit back and provide support to the main player. Let's get everyone involved!

July 25th

The Xbox One will be launching in November.
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