WRC 4 Announced

By Ellis Spice, 5 years ago
Milestone and Bigben Interactive have today announced WRC 4, the next entry in the WRC franchise. This official game for the World Rally Championship will feature all of the rallies and leading cars from the 2013 season and is set to feature numerous improvements that were suggested in feedback from the community, with the game continuing to be based on an improved version of the Spikengine used in previous games.

WRC 4 is set to have higher graphical detail, new lighting conditions, and new weather effects along with a brand new career mode, which will allow players to put themselves in a real driver's racing boots. Along with these new features, the developers are also attempting to make the game more approachable to first-time players of the series.

Alain Falc, CEO of Bigben Interactive, who will be publishing a WRC game for the first time, had this to say:

We are very pleased and proud to become the publisher of this famous racing franchise. This is a new step in the partnership built with Milestone over the past few years. All our efforts are done to offer players the most complete and realistic WRC videogame.
Meanwhile, Luisa Bixio, who is the Marketing and Sales Director, had this to say:

We’re really happy to be part of this exciting WRC 4 announcement and all the news included into the 2013 version of the game. This brand new chapter, different from the previous reboot of the series, will include many of the improvements requested by the community. A lot of the features that we've seen on the official Facebook page or received by mail have been incorporated. We’re convinced that WRC 4 represents a step forward for the series and will be appreciated by players.
WRC 4 is set to speed into stores sometime this October.
Ellis Spice
Written by Ellis Spice
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