NHL 14 Will Feature Player Hot and Cold Streaks

By Marc Caccamise, 5 years ago
Hot and cold streaks in the NHL are a completely common occurrence and they will now become a part of NHL 14. EA Sports has revealed a new feature called 'Dynamic Ratings Updates' which will base player ratings in-game on how that player performed in the real world. If a player is currently lighting it up they'll enjoy a nice temporary ratings boost, however if that player can't hit the back of the net to save their life then they will see their ratings drop.

These streaks will have their effects on every player based on certain criteria that fits their position. For example, forwards and defensemen will be based upon goals and points scored, while the goalies will be measured based off of their save percentage.

It's also good to note that these changes will come via updates that will require an online connection in order to be downloaded and kick into effect.

Dyamic Ratings #6 7/25/13

Dynamic Ratings #3 7/25/13

Dynamic Ratings #4 7/25/13

Dyamic Ratings #5 7/25/13

Dynamic Ratings #2 7/25/13

Hot and cold streaks play a pretty big role during the NHL season. When a player is on a hot streak it is incredible to watch as it seems there isn't anything they can't do. However on the flip side, when that same player gets in a rut where absolutely nothing will go right, you can really see their play deteriorate thanks to frustration. Adding in the dynamic shifting of player ratings will definitely throw in additional challenge for gamers to deal with, and perhaps force them to implement new strategies by changing up their lines.

NHL 14 is set to release on September 10th in North America and and September 13th worldwide, just in time for the 2013-2014 NHL preseason.
Marc Caccamise
Written by Marc Caccamise
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