Grid 2 Upcoming Patch and DLC Details

By Archer Rival, 5 years ago
The checkered flag is not ready to be waived just yet. The crew at Codemasters are helping you get some more mileage out of GRID 2 by listening to your feedback. It's time to open the hood (or bonnet) and do a little upgrading. How are they improving your experience? Let's start with the upcoming patch.

Custom Playlist: You'll now receive increased experience and money for participating in this mode. This will allow for playing as you choose while ranking up like you would in normal online modes. Boosters rejoice!

Hardcore Playlist: The name speaks for itself. It's competitive racing with no rewinds and full mechanical damage. Mistakes become truly unforgiving.

Level Cap: Been sitting at level 30 for awhile? Well friends, you have a long road ahead to the new cap of 99.

Fastest Lap Times: Due to popular demand, these will now appear on the results screen when playing in online matches.

New Liveries: More designs are inbound, including the AI designs from single player.

Maximum Laps: This will be increased from 5 to 10.

Veto Weighting: Want to skip the next event or location? This will become much easier with only 51% of the lobby being require to agree with you.

Voice Option: Per request, you'll be able to mute your own microphone. Is there a brand of headset that doesn't have a mute button?

Country Flags: A feature missing in the sequel until now, you'll be able to proudly display your flag next to your name in multiplayer.

Clean Race Bonus: You'll be getting more money for driving less dirty.

Level Up Graphic: If you don't want to watch this, you'll be able to press a button to skip it.

Anti-Cheat: New measures will be implemented to keep the leaderboards free of shady characters.

Wasn't there a mention of DLC? In a move certain to excite many series veterans, the Demolition Derby makes its triumphant return. Those of you who were missing this mode from Race Driver: GRID will soon be able to engage in all the vehicular carnage that you like. This game mode will be released as a free download.

It has also been confirmed that two track packs will be heading your way in the months ahead. Each will include a new circuit based on the Grid 2 community feedback. Additionally, you'll be receiving some new cars and new achievements.

The patch will release at some point in August while the other content release dates were listed as "in the coming months". Rest assured, we'll be sharing the info once we have more precise timeframes for all of this content.