Disney Infinity Mash-Up & Toy Box Trailers

By Chewie,
Disney have released a couple of shiny new trailers for their franchise-mashing sandbox title and toy tie-in, Disney Infinity.

The first trailer focuses on some of the unlikely pairings you can expect to find in the game, including The Lone Ranger facing Sheriff Woody in a western shoot out, the two camouflage experts; Violet from The Incredibles and Randall from Monster's Inc, and the villainous Syndrome and Davy Jones riding into the sunset together.

The second trailer gives us a look at the game's "Toy Box" mode, which allows players to craft their own mini-games. Anything from 2D Platformers to Arcade Racers to Sports games can be created, with more options unlocked with the purchase of extra playsets.

Disney Infinity is due for release in North America on August 18th and in the rest of the world on August 23rd.

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Written by Chewie
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