Dead Rising 3 Screens and Details

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
After concerns from the community that Capcom's upcoming zombie apocalypse simulation Dead Rising 3 will be too serious, the developers wanted to clarify the situation. The next title in the franchise will indeed be a darker, grittier affair, and players certainly can play the game as if it was a realistic zombie survival simulation.

However, they have also pointed out that it would not be a true Dead Rising game if it didn't allow the player to partake in some zany zombie-mashing shenanigans. In this regard, they have confirmed that players can still dress up in a wild array of crazy costumes (no matter how socially acceptable), wield a crazy number of extravagant weaponry (no matter how impractical they may be), and kill the undead hordes in the most imaginative ways possible.

At a panel during Comic Con International, Dead Rising 3 Art Director Alan Jarvie explained:
The game has a serious veneer, but you can make ridiculous combo weapons and put on ridiculous outfits. It’s all user choice and it’s so much more powerful when you’re enabled to make the game as quirky as you’d like, rather than us forcing comedy on you and limiting the experience.
We think the below images will get the ball rolling on some of the absurd ways we can play the game:
July 28th

July 28th

July 28th

In addition, Capcom elaborated on the SmartGlass functionality integrated into the game. We already know the game will allow players (or even couch co-op buddies) to view the world map, set waypoints, and fire off air-strikes. It's all meant to create an extra dimension of immersion; however, it doesn't intend to imbalance the game in any way or create an overpowered tool for the player. In fact, the developers have stated that these components are optional and don't drastically affect the game.

One of the more interesting features of the SmartGlass integration is having the game connect to your mobile phone and simulate a phone call and text message from characters in the game. The developers assured that this functionality won't cause any data charges to your account.
July 28th

The gruesome and zombified Dead Rising 3 will groan, slither, crawl, and bite its way into stores in November for the Xbox One.