The Pinball Arcade New DLC Tables Announced

By Andrew Ogley, 5 years ago
It has been a torrid time recently for Farsight Studios and their XBLA title, The Pinball Arcade, with their publisher going bankrupt and as a consequence, not being able to publish all the additional DLC and tables. Ultimately, the whole situation led to the title sadly being delisted from the marketplace.

However, today we have some good news for fans of the game with the developer announcing that there are two new tables being added to the library of DLC and that these tables will eventually be made available to fans through the recent changes in the publishing policy from Microsoft. This new change allows developers to self-publish on XBLA without having to find a publisher for their games.

Farsight has stated that they intend to take full advantage of the new program, which Microsoft will open up in August, and will strive to make the title and all of the new table packs available again on the marketplace as soon as possible. Furthermore, the developer is already considering bringing the title to the Xbox One in the future via the same self-publishing route.

To celebrate the news, Farsight have released a short video featuring the two new tables in play. The first table is a copy of the Flight 2000 table and features the three separate lift-off stages, and the second table is a virtual version of the incredibly rare Goin' Nuts table, which never made it past the prototype stage (only 10 were ever made). It's worth noting that although the video states iO6 and Android, the publisher has confirmed that these same tables will eventually be hitting the marketplace.

DLC Pack 16

DLC Pack 16

At the time of writing, we don't have a confirmed date for the return to the marketplace, but we will keep you posted of any new developments.
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