E3:2010 - The New 360 Has Arrived

By Saint Devourer, 8 years ago
Microsoft ended it's E3 Keynote Press Conference with the unveiling of the new version of the 360, cleverly hidden under the shell of the current model.

The new model, which was indeed the same from the Italian ad which circulated the internet yesterday. It will ship with a 250gb HDD and built in 802.11n wi-fi.

For the cosmetic side of things, it has a sleek black finish with what looks like a massive vent on the side/top, presumably for cooling purposes. The disc tray looks to return, however the eject button has been moved from the side to just above the disc tray itself. On the back, it features 3 usb ports, as well as the HDMI, ethernet, and other associated ports. However, it also looks like the port for the power brick has been changed to a much smaller port. You can see the new 360 yourself in the external link.

Microsoft also stated that they are shipping the new 360s to retailers today, and that it will retail for the same price as the current Xbox 360 Elite model; $299 USD/ £199 GBP. If you live in Europe you'll be able to snap one up from July 16th.

It looks... interesting, to say the least. I like built in wireless N, but I don't know if this will be enough of a package to have someone give up their current 360 in favor of the new one. Thoughts?