Multiplayer Swoops In On Batman: Arkham Origins

By Mark Delaney, 5 years ago
When gamers get the chance to revisit Gotham City this October, it won't just be with a younger, less refined Dark Knight. For the first time in the Arkham series, you'll be able to venture through the city as the caped crusader and Robin themselves, or as one of their psychotic enemies.

Taking sides in a 3-v-3 gang war as Joker and Bane's cronies, gamers will have the chance to make special appearances by the two supervillains themselves when the match swings that way. Think of it as similar to being the Tank in the Left 4 Dead series. All the meanwhile, two other gamers will be donning the costumes of the good guys, Batman and Robin, hunting both sides of the ongoing war. The end result brings a unique 3-v-3-v-2 component to the award-winning series.

Before you scream "unnecessary!", check out the reveal trailer for the online mode below.

It sounds like the multiplayer is still in the final stages of development, so we'll be sure to bring more news on this surprising announcement between now and the game's October 25th release date.
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Mark Delaney
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