E3:2010 - The Key Info From Microsoft's Conference

By zigs00, 8 years ago
Didn't get to watch the conference for yourself? Don't worry, you didn't miss much. It was a pretty depressing affair with far too much focus on Kinect and not much actual news. But nonetheless, here's a quick recap of all the information you need to know:

• After showing off some Call of Duty: Black Ops footage, Microsoft announced that they have signed an exclusive agreement with Activision, meaning that all Call of Duty map packs and add-on content will launch exclusively on the Xbox 360 first for the next three years

• Hideo Kojima premiered the first Metal Gear: Rising footage, showing Raiden being able to cut through anything with his sword, allowing the player to cut anything they want, in any direction they want

Gears of War 3 showed off some gameplay footage, showing massive worm-like Lambent Locust as they played through on four-player co-op. A new mode was confirmed, entitled "Beast" so expect more details on that soon.

• Fable III has a confirmed release date of October 26th!

• Microsoft's newest partner is Crytek, and showed a short teaser for their upcoming Kingdoms, which had a very God of War/300 vibe to it's sands-and-swords look

• Xbox Live will be expanding further worldwide, availability for more countries

• Kinect will launch on November 4th with at least fifteen confirmed titles, including the ones we heard about yesterday (E3:2010 - Project Natal Becomes Kinect) as well as a previously rumoured Sonic racing title, The Biggest Loser and more.

• Kinect has a 3D camera and motion tilt, with the camera scanning your whole skeleton and following you around the room automatically to keep you on screen.

• To sign in with Kinect, you just wave at it and it'll recognise you, and there will also be Kinect-specific menus letting you just wave through menus, as well as offering voice commands to do the same

• VideoKinect allows video chatting without a controller or headset, letting you chat with your friends and family worldwide freely, as well as watch movies/TV together

• Speaking of TV, ESPN has been confirmed as coming to Xbox Live, offering over 3500 live and streamed on-demand sports, including basketball, college football, soccer and MLB, amongst others, as well as throwing up live trivia while you watch. ESPN will be free for Xbox Live Gold users

• Ubisoft showed off Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, which uses Kinect to scan your body, and creates fitness programs specifically for your height, weight and body shape with the game's trainer coaching you as you play

• Harmonix showed off Dance Central, a Kinect-exclusive immersive, full body dance game featuring music from No Doubt, Lady Gaga and Beastie Boys, along with more to be announced. The game uses the same RB-style star ratings and multipliers but with expansive dancing options and tutorials

• Turn 10 showed off Forza being played with Kinect, re imagining how you play using the camera, as well as being able to look at the cars in full detail using Kinect.

And finally, the big one: The Xbox 360 Slim has been confirmed... but that one really deserves its own news post, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

So guys, what have I forgotten to mention from Microsoft's conference? I tried to grab all the important information, but if I missed anything out then let us know!