More Details on Xbox One's Matchmaking

By Cindy Minguez, 5 years ago
Since E3, Microsoft has been asked for more details about its "revolutionary matchmaking system," so Mike Lavin, Xbox Live Senior Product Marketing Manager, gives us the low down on Smart Match. He tells us the three things he thinks gamers will most want to know.

First, Smart Match "finds the perfect players for the perfect game."

The matchmaking system has been completely re-engineered for the Xbox One. Using advanced sets of algorithms, players are matched based on skill, language, age, reputation, and gaming style. The system sends out a search for those who exactly match the player's need for game partners, and this is no longer limited just to the people you know like the current beacon system. Finding and connecting with other players is now central to the online experience. Players will also be able to share stats with Xbox Live and with each other.


Secondly, Smart Match saves you time.

With Snap mode as an integral part of Xbox One, you no longer have to waste time lounging around dead lobbies while you hope players show up. Snap mode lets you multi-task on Xbox One, so if you're playing a game that's older or less popular, you can watch a movie, check out demos, or surf the web while Smart Match keeps tabs on the lobby for you.


Finally, Smart Match notifies you when your game is ready.

After you or a party member have entered all the required criteria for a match, you're done; Smart Match does the rest. No matter what you decide to do, whether it's jumping on the web, playing another game, or checking out Reddit, you don't have to give the matchmaking another thought. Once Smart Match finds the perfect person or party for you, it will let you know.

With Smart Match, finding your perfect match will be a snap.
Cindy Minguez
Written by Cindy Minguez
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