Sneak Peek Of Cliff Bleszinski's New Project

By Zinn Gravey, 5 years ago
Cliff Bleszinski used to be the lead designer at Epic and oversaw the very successful Gears Of War series, but departed from the company in 2012 after working at Epic for 20 years.

Today, Cliff Bleszinski tweeted a cropped picture of something he is 'working on.' Very little is know about this project and this picture is one of the very few details anyone knows about the project.

Cliff Bleszinski's new title

With no details and no release date, I leave it up to you to pick out and analyse what you can from this picture. There is a man with a gun, so I guess that there will be some form of shooting to be done, and my assumption could be proven further by the gun on the boat just in front of the man with a gun. What do you think?