Xbox One Reputation System Explained

By Archer Rival, 5 years ago
Online multiplayer games truly redefined the world of gaming for many over the last decade. The ability to play your favorite titles with or against your friends worldwide, the constant availability of a real opponent or teammate, and the chance to test one's self against the best in existence built a community that quickly populated. Like all communities, there have always been neighbors you would rather not have. Whether it be the prepubescent American Idol rejects, team killers, or anti-brakes racers, they have a common bond: they're ruining the real estate value of the place you call home.

Yesterday, we found out a bit more regarding the Smart Match system. Today, Michael Dunn, program manager for Xbox Live, revealed how the improved Reputation System is going to make your online time more enjoyable. How will it work, you ask? Much like everything in the digital world, it all starts with fancy mathematics (more like Numbers, less like Sesame Street ).

The first change is stepping beyond the Xbox 360's system of simply giving feedback to players you would rather avoid. The Xbox One's system will also account for your other actions such as muting people or blocking communications with a particular person. All of these factor into a newly-created algorithm that works to identify problem gamers while maintaining fairness.

A player's reputation will now fall into one of three color coded categories: Green, Yellow, and Red. Green translates to "Good Player" and will encompass all those who play fairly, are respectful, and want a great online experience. Yellow will be used to indicate people who "Needs Improvement". Players in this category will receive several alerts advising them to consider their online behavior before they fall into the next level. That being said, Red comes with the "Avoid Me" label. This category will be comprised of all the wonderful people who have made you steer clear of certain multiplayer games. The result will be an online gaming experience void of those unsavory sorts.

It is well-known that sometimes you will receive feedback that you don't deserve. The new system will incorporate this into the calculations. Some feedback will become voided automatically if the reporting parties never played in an online game with the reported person. The system also looks at the reputation level of the person giving feedback. In other words, a "Red" player's reporting of a "Green" player will carry very little weight. Finally, the system will look at the number of reports filed by an individual. Serial reporters are out there, and Microsoft is aware.

As feedback is tracked and accumulated, the Reputation System will continue to evolve and eventually implement harsher penalties for abusive online gamers. Since the whole concept relies on your reports, the Xbox team urges you to help identify those who make gaming less enjoyable for others.

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