Sanctum 2 DLC Confirmed for XBLA

By Rebecca Smith,
The last that we heard of Sanctum 2 for the Xbox 360, Coffee Stain Studios were teasing the first piece of DLC for the title. Since then, the DLC was confirmed and released on Steam. A season pass was also released confirming a total of four pieces of additional content for that platform but nothing was ever mentioned about a console release, nor did we get the option to buy the season pass. That was until very recently, when the title's designer & PR Manager, Armin Ibrisagic, confirmed that some of the additional content will be working its way to Xbox LIVE Arcade:

Regarding the DLCs, we’re looking to release DLC1 and DLC2 on consoles later this year as a single “big DLC”.. It takes a lot of time to get through Microsoft’s submission process, so we’re probably going to bundle up DLC1 and DLC2 into the same package. Regarding DLC3 and 4 it will depend on how sales develop and how painless the first DLC launch will be. We know that we have a very dedicated XBLA community that can’t wait to get their hands on our DLCs, so we definitely want to get it out there.
I think that it's fair to assume that we're never going to get the option of a season pass bearing in mind that the release of an Xbox 360 version of DLC 3 and 4 is uncertain, but we may as well take a look at what we will be getting. The first piece of content is "Road to Elysion", which continues the in-game graphic novel and storyline. TSYGAN is a new "shadowy" playable character. The rogue insurgent assassin will reveal the cause of the conflict and colonization on LOEK III.

Road to Elysion Tsygan

Road to Elysion Tsygan Face

Four new maps will be added: Cluster, Jellygrove Cove, The Smasher, and Laser Bridge.

Road to Elysion Map 1

Road to Elysion Map 2

Road to Elysion Map 3

Road to Elysion Map 4

Two new "mega-powered" weapons will be available for players to use: the Rapid-firing Gatling Laser and a handheld Ballista that belongs to TSYGAN.

Road to Elysion Rapid Firing Gatling Laser

Road to Elysion Ballista

There are three new enemies with new powers. The Healers can heal the enemies, while Mutators can add buffs to the attacking horde that causes them to mutate. There is also a "vicious new aerial enemy boss".

Road to Elysion Healer

Road to Elysion Mutator

Players will get the use of six new perks. The screenshots below show just one of those perks, a pet robot, who will fight for you. The other perks are Fast Hands, Electrical Outburst, Tinkerer, Spiked Armor and Trickster.

Road to Elysion Pet Robot Perk 1

Road to Elysion Pet Robot Perk 2

There will also be two new distinct towers. The Range Spire helps to increase the range of any of the player's nearby offensive towers. Meanwhile, the Slow Field Dispenser reduces the speed of nearby enemies, making it most effective at choke points.

Not much is known about DLC 2 right now. As Ibrisagic said, "things are much more exciting when they’re secret, aren’t they?" However, you'll be glad to know that Coffee Stain is having tons of fun while they're making it. We'll let you know more details when we get them!

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Written by Rebecca Smith
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