Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Coming To Xbox One

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
Danish studio Press Play have confirmed that their upcoming platformer Max: The Curse of Brotherhood will indeed be coming to the Xbox One. Until now the game was only believed to have an XBLA release. This should be good news for those picking up Microsoft's next generation console; now players will be able to experience the unique gameplay promised with the superior graphics and audio that only the Xbox One can deliver.

As a reminder, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood tells the tale of a boy who wishes away his younger brother Felix. Unfortunately Max's wish is granted and Felix is whisked away by an evil force. It's not terribly unlike the premise for the movie Labyrinth, though I doubt we will see any David Bowie in this one. Now Max must set out to undo his mistake and rescue Felix, armed with a kind of magic marker that has the power to manipulate the world around him. The game is a 2.5 dimensional platformer and will feature Scandinavian themes in its story.

Of course, you should also check out the screenshots and trailers which were previously posted here.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood will be released onto XBLA for 1200 MSP and will also be available for the Xbox One, though neither have any confirmed date at this stage. If you are lucky enough to be able to attend Gamescom later this month, the developers will be showcasing this game there.