Payday 2 Screens & Trailer

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
After looking at the juicy details of the upcoming playable characters to feature in OVERKILL Software's first person shooter, Payday 2, the team behind the game have released a new set of screens for us to look at.

The ten new screens showcase first-person shooting in all its rich glory as the characters battle it out during the day or/and night through houses, car parks, and the streets.

4/8/13 PayDay 2 Screens 01

4/8/13 PayDay 2 Screens 2

4/8/13 PayDay 2 Screens 3

4/8/13 PayDay 2 Screens 4

4/8/13 PayDay 2 Screens 5

4/8/13 PayDay 2 Screens 6

4/8/13 PayDay 2 Screens 7

4/8/13 PayDay 2 Screens 8

4/8/13 PayDay 2 Screens 9

4/8/13 PayDay 2 Screens 10

Alongside the freshly released screens is also a new video where David Goldfarb, Game Director of PayDay 2, takes us into the Safehouse. The Safehouse is a criminal's home from home, or maybe a permanent home for some. After hopefully racking up stacks of cash in Payday 2, the players will be falling back and retreating to their Safehouse, where the money is stashed in the vault, patiently waiting to be either spent or simply admired. Players will also be able to practice criminal methods within the Safehouses by using the shooting range or even dummy safe's to hone their skills ready for the next job.

Check out the trailer as David gives us more info on the Safehouse:

Payday 2 is still scheduled for release this month. A specific day of this month is still yet to be confirmed.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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