Microsoft's Xbox Enforcement United Initiative

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
Microsoft has invited members of the Xbox gaming community to help out with the management of its Xbox Live environment in their recently announced crowd sourcing initiative "Xbox Enforcement United". Members who take part in the program will be assisting the current Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement Teams with the thousands of daily complaints submitted against other gamers.

By passing off some of these simple and repetitive tasks to the community, Microsoft hopes to free up their own enforcement team to allow them to concentrate on more complicated complaints, and to work on future enhancements to Xbox Live.

August 5th

Xbox Enforcement United will be starting out in beta mode, whereby participants will only be tasked with analyzing any Gamertags that have been reported. This might include, for example, checking tags which contain anything deemed offensive, such as racial slurs.

Using some fancy algorithms in the background, Microsoft is able to determine just how much credibility it should give to each participants decisions, based on their historical decisions and whether they seem to fall in line with the prevailing consensus of other participants. It also means that a single participant cannot wield absolute power over any other participants. If the system finds issue with a participant's decision, it will escalate the decision to a higher echelon for further review.

The criteria for participating in this beta is that you are a current Xbox Live Ambassador. If so, you can register here. The program will be opened to the wider community when it is officially launched in several months.