Scourge Outbreak Title Update Incoming

By Andrew Ogley,
Fans of the recently released XBLA third person shooter, Scourge: Outbreak will be pleased to hear that there is a large title update on the horizon.

Tragnarion studios have announced that they have been following the feedback from the community recently and have made a number of changes in response to requests from the fans. The studio revealed that they had made a number of changes across the title.

These changes will include matchmaking, enabling players to find and join games already in progress. The weapon-handling will also be improved with tweaks to the stability, recoil, and spread parameters for the weaponry, and finally several other unnamed bug-fixes would be implemented. For those who have not yet tried the title, the demo will also receive an update to include co-op and versus mode, providing a more representative trial version of the game.

The actual date for the update has not been specified although Tragnarion have said it will be rolled out later this month.

Scourge Outbreak is available on the marketplace now for 800 MSP.

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Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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