Spartacus Legends Gets Compatibility Pack

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Yesterday brought along a surprise that I wasn't expecting; after writing the DLC roundups for nearly two years, this is the first week that we haven't had a single piece of retail DLC. The Xbox LIVE Arcade games failed to follow suit, although we only have a single piece of DLC in this category. The free fighting title Spartacus Legends has brought along a free compatibility pack.

All players are required to download "Compatibility Pack 1" to allow for "unhindered online matchmaking". The pack accompanies the recent title update that brought down the game's servers for ten hours. Here are the patch notes:

1. Online Matchmaking now offers a more robust matching solution for online gameplay. This can be verified by attempting to start a match at the same time or by attempting to play with gladiators of differing skill level. Based on the new system, players will be matched against other players of a similar threat rating.

2. Gameplay is smoother in Spectucula and Insulae

3. Shadows are now appearing for all character body parts in-game and in the Ludus

4. The Bank menu has been updated to include real-money prices for gold bundles

5. Text was fixed for the Japanese SKU so that line breaks occur in more natural places

6. Gamertags added to HUD during gameplay

7. Gold exploit fix when leveling up

8. Disconnection penalty fix

9. Reduced the instances of saves to Amazon servers to prevent bandwidth throttling

10. Optimized memory in code to help reduce crashes

11. AI Hammer hxploit fix

12. Gameconfig has been updated to support older version of matchmaking system and newer one introduced in TU
"Spartacus Legends Compatibility Pack 1" is FREE and can be downloaded from here.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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