E3:2010 - Ghost Recon: Future Solider

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
More gaming news from that little event called E3, this time regarding Ghost Recon: Future Solider. You may (not) remember the thread on what each Newshound at TA was looking forward to hearing more about at E3. High on my list was this very game.

So what news do we have? Well, the forthcoming title will support four player co-operative play across the full campaign mode. Great news as there's few co-operative campaign games out there, and Tom Clancy games often excel in promoting teamwork and 'togetherness'.

It was also said that Ghost Recon: Future Solider will support stereoscopic 3D support, though information has not yet been given as to which consoles this will apply. There's also some good news in the form of a multiplayer beta. This is planned for owners of Splinter Cell: Conviction on the Xbox 360.

We can combine this with the following wealth of information long since available to form a good rounded overview:

Experience the Future of War
- The Ghosts pack the latest and best high-tech military equipment, inspired by actual prototypes.
- Blend into any environment with mind-bending optical camouflage.
- An exoskeleton enhances the Ghosts’ physical abilities, allowing them to run, leap, slide and kick farther & faster than any soldier on the field today.
- Unparalleled physicality and lethal expertise in melee close combat are now at your disposal.
- Control all-new heavily armed unmanned ground and air combat drones.
- Unleash large-radius firepower with a personal mortar capable of firing multiple guided rockets simultaneously.

Natural Cooperation
- Instantly coordinate combat against 360° threats: link-up with your Ghost teammates in a formidable formation at the push of a button.
- Move-and-shoot-as-one with your friends or AI teammates with no training and no complex orders system.
- Benefit from your teammates’ high-tech abilities and combine them to unleash the power of an army at the pull of your trigger.

Epic Solo and Co-op Campaign!
- Join the Ghosts as Kozak, a fresh recruit whose elite unit is the United State’s best and only means of retaliation when a nationalist coup unseats Russia’s legitimate president
- Experience multiple aspects of the war from the unique perspectives of a high-level bodyguard, an engineer, a civilian and more.
- Play the single- or split-screen cooperative campaign across multiple theatres as the shadow of global conflict creeps across Northern Europe and beyond.

Fast-Paced, Addictive Multiplayer Mode
- Link-up for heated 8 vs. 8 adversarial matches and combine the four balanced class abilities, plus drones and individual gear.
- Seamless ranking progression in Single, Co-op and Adversarial modes: unlock multiple rewards for your Ghost or your Clan.
I think that should be enough info for now... What you want more? How about a gameplay video? All righty then, take a look at the external link at the bottom of this article for the live demo from E3.

In addition, VE3D have some stills from the game showing off the futuristic HUD and lovely graphics. See them here: http://ve3d.ign.com/images/fullsize/74536/PC/Tom-Clancys-Gho...

We were originally scheduled to see this game go on general release toward the end of this year, but this has now been pushed back to between January and March 2011.