Xbox One Accessories and Console Packaging

By Archer Rival,
While pre-ordering becomes more difficult with each passing day, many of you have already secured your console for release day. The rest of the community continues to ponder their decision, wait for a later date, or search for a place that will still take your money in exchange for the next generation of gaming. Still, if or when you bring home your prized new possession, you're going to need accessories.

First, we get a look at one of the staples of online gaming: the headset. Some will obviously opt for a 7.1 surround, wireless, burst-your-eardrum, make-you-a-waffle, and walk-your-dog premium solution. However, many have always relied on their original equipment communication setup as they tread deep into the waters of gunfire, cursing, singing, arguing, name-calling, and whining. The Xbox One rewards that group with a much sleeker design than past models.

Few things are worse than being slaughtered mid-game due to a dead controller battery. When you need to recharge the batteries, you probably don't want to take a break.

The Xbox One obviously includes a controller, but one isn't always enough. Maybe you have local friends or family who enjoy playing along with you. Maybe you just need to boost certain multiplayer achievements. Maybe you just have really bad anger management skills when it comes to gaming. You might want to pick up a few of these.

For many of you, the feeling of excitement when you open your new console is second to none. Does that same emotion carry over to watching someone else open it? Major Nelson joins us in the final video to answer that question. Feel free to study his techniques for sometime in the near future when you might be opening your very own.

The Xbox One is scheduled to release this November. In the meantime, count on us to bring you all the details without the rumors.

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