Xbox One Sharing and Family Gold Conversion

By Archer Rival,
With only three months remaining until the release of Xbox One, many have been eagerly awaiting more information on the future of Xbox Live Gold membership. Quite a few of you who currently enjoy Family Gold have also wondered what will happen when that goes away. So many questions and so much uncertainty loom around this topic. Hopefully, the latest information released by Microsoft will cover the majority of your concerns. Let's get to it.

Home Gold

Home Gold is Microsoft's new feature for your Xbox Live Gold membership on the Xbox One. If you're already Gold, you'll have Home Gold the moment you sign into your Xbox One. The Home Gold feature will add some bonuses to your Xbox Live Gold account that didn't exist on the current system. It will allow you to extend your Xbox Live Gold benefits to other users within your household at no additional cost.

Digital games can be shared among everyone in your home. This applies even when they are signed in with their own gamertag. This feature will still exists even when the console is offline. Additionally, you will be able to start playing a digital game as soon it begins downloading.

Taking your digital games with you won't be a problem either. Any console you sign into with your gamertag will have access to your digital library as long as you're signed in. While signed into another console, digital games you purchase will also become available on your own console.

What many will consider the greatest aspect of the Home Gold feature will be the benefit sharing. Each person in your household can maintain a separate gamertag and still have access to the Xbox Live Gold features. This means that your single Xbox Live Gold account will allow everyone you live with to enjoy multiplayer gaming, entertainment apps, and use the Game DVR on the Xbox One.

Lastly, friends will be able to sign into their accounts via your console and join you in multiplayer. There is a significant difference between the upcoming system and the current one, though. You'll be able to sign into other consoles with your Gold account, and play online multiplayer even if your friend doesn't have Xbox Live Gold.

Xbox Live Gold Family Pack Going Away

Beginning on August 27th, each account within your Xbox Live Gold Family Pack will become an individual Xbox Live Gold account. These separate accounts will have the same amount of time remaining as the Family pack does now. Microsoft is also adding an additional three months of Xbox Live Gold to each account.

Two features of the Xbox Live Gold Family Pack will go away with the change. You will no longer receive activity monitoring reports. Also, Microsoft Points allowances will no longer exist. Of course, the latter was expected.

Microsoft will send you emails to confirm activation of the individual Xbox Live Gold accounts within a week of the conversion. You may want to go ahead and check to make sure all your contact information is correct and make changes if that's not the case.

If you have your Xbox Live Gold Family Pack set up for auto-renew, and that is due to happen before August 27th, it will still renew your Family Pack the way it always has. If that's the case, your Family Pack will be converted to individual accounts at a later date. After the conversion period, your auto-renew option switches to the primary account only.

To recap, Xbox Live Gold members will automatically receive Home Gold benefits on the Xbox One. Xbox Live Gold will remain the same on the Xbox 360 with the exception of the Family Pack converting to separate accounts. On a final note, you will be able to sign into both your Xbox 360 and Xbox One at the same time.

Please feel free to check out the original announcements for Home Gold and Xbox Live Gold Family Pack.

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