E3:2010 - Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
Criterion Games, (responsible for the Burnout series) are working in partnership with EA to bring us, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Sound familiar? Well if you were a gamer back in the days of the PS1, you'll likely remember this being one hell of a fun game to play. There seems to be a current trend in 'resetting' games back to their days of gaming yesteryear to recapture 'the days gone by'.

The original, and indeed this latest version of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit saw players pitted against the police who attempted to thwart their attempts to complete laps of races on roads around their counties.

Initially the police would send Officer 'Not Very Good At Driving Quickly' to head you off, before sending a lot of his equally impaired friends to stop you. Things quickly escalate as the police get their act together, and then begin to despatch police super cars to stop you along with throwing the dreaded 'stinger' across the road.

The latest iteration of the title will again allow players to experience "the thrill of the chase and the rush of the escape as they play through full careers as both a cop and a racer – solo or connected". So this time, you can do the chasing down!

The game will log your runs, speed, times and a host of other petrol head statistics so you compare yourself directly with friends, or the best in the world to see how you stack up.

If Criterion Games stick to their original guns, we'll be playing this at some point in November of this year. Until then, load up the E3 trailer and see what they have to whet your appetite thus far.