NHL 14 Goalie & Incidental Contact Improvements

By Marc Caccamise, 5 years ago
Earlier this year EA revealed the new collision physics system that NHL 14 will be utilizing to create more realistic player collisions. In a recent blog, EA has now demonstrated how these improvements will affect goalies and the incidental contact between players.

Improved Goalie Collisions
Goalie Collisions 8/13/13

Goalie Reactions to Contact – Goalies will be live in all areas of the ice and their reactions to contact are much more realistic, utilizing the improved ragdoll physics models introduced with NHL® Collision Physics.

Goalie Interference – Improved logic ensures that big collisions with the goalie will result in penalty calls. Additionally, goals that come as a result of goalie interference will be called back more consistently.
More Realistic Incidental Contact
Player Collisions 8/13/13

Speed and Momentum Matter – Not only will incidental contact occur more frequently, but speed and momentum will determine whether players colliding incidentally will trip and stumble or remain in control. Player balance attributes will also play a significant role in the outcome.
Penalty Calls
Player Collisions 2 8/13/13

Interference – Expect stricter calls. Defenders won’t be able to hit attacking players as late after they release the puck.

Boarding/Hitting from Behind – Enhanced penalty logic judges the appropriate circumstances of a hit (angle, speed and result of the hit) and ensures the right call is made in each situation.

Charging – Additional logic has been added to understand the variables of each hit, such as the hitter’s speed and line taken.
Additionally the newest Gameplay Improvements trailer gives a first-hand look at how player impact will effect the flow of the game.

A present issue in NHL 13 is that players and goaltenders can often be interfered with resulting in no penalty. This can be extremely troublesome when a goaltender gets interfered with followed by a goal being scored after the fact. If these new improvements to NHL 14 can indeed be successful in fixing these types of problems then the NHL franchise will be one step closer to creating the most realistic hockey experience possible.

NHL 14 hits the shelves on September 10th in North America and September 13th worldwide.
Marc Caccamise
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