Killer Is Dead Screens Showcase DLC

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
From the media we've seen of Grasshopper Manufacture's Killer is Dead so far, we all already know that this game will feature blood, guts, a twisted story, even more twisted characters, and plenty of death! It won't take brutal violence, sharp blades, and the deadliest of weapons to make Killer is Dead one hell of a murder-filled title. These new screens alone show you just how deadly, deceiving, and cold-hearted people and places will be despite looking ever so dangerous, sleek, and sexy.

These fresh new screens showcase the goodies to come in the upcoming "Smooth Operator" DLC pack, which will be included with all Fan Edition copies of Killer is Dead as well as a whopping 80-page hardcover art book and a soundtrack CD packed with 25 songs. The DLC includes a pair of 'Gigolo Glasses' for your character to wear and take a good look at Vivienne and Mika as they dress to impress in their included alternate costumes you can see in the last screen. Betty will accompany Mondo in a special Gigolo mission, and there'll also be another bonus mission available titled 'The Man Who Stole Blood':

13/8/13 - Killer Is Dead Screens 1

13/8/13 - Killer Is Dead Screens 2

13/8/13 - Killer Is Dead Screens 3

13/8/13 - Killer Is Dead Screens 4

13/8/13 - Killer Is Dead Screens 5

13/8/13 - Killer Is Dead Screens 6

13/8/13 - Killer Is Dead Screens 7

13/8/13 - Killer Is Dead Screens 9

For more details on the "Fan Edition" of the upcoming title, be sure to check out this article right here.

Killer is Dead is set for release on August 27th for North America and August 30th for Europe.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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