The Charlie Murder Sceniverse

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
As part of the Summer of Arcade promotion, the release of Microsoft Studio Today's musically themed action beat-em-up Charlie Murder is imminent and should be rockin' your Xbox 360 over the next few hours. If you haven't got any idea what Charlie Murder is all about, you are in a quest to lead your punk rock band Charlie Murder to save the world from evil death metal band Gore Quaffer and their minions.

Now the team wanted to tease one of the three "alternabands" that can be unlocked from the sceniverse, this one named the "Other Charlie", a scary alternate reality version of your original band:

The Other Charlie is a Raspy Experimental Folk Core band of ancient frozen beings hailing from north of the Scenewall. From the smallest mead halls to the finest courts, The Other Charlie has a history of consistently filling halls, slaughtering the entire audience, reanimating the entire audience as mindless wights, and continuing the set. Their current lineup was, is and will always be:
- Ser Charl: Ranger and vocalist, Charl summons ancient creatures to his side.
- Kell of the Frosty Mists: Enchantress and backup vocalist, Kell poisons the minds of her enemies.
- Cold King Lestin: Lich and lead guitarist, Lestin’s elemental spells summon ice and corrosion.
- Tomman Feathercrest: Icemonk and bassist, Tomman’s incantations bolster the band’s resolve.
- Rex Harl Krug: Yeti and drummer, Rex’s storms strip flesh from bone.
Let's not kid ourselves; this band looks like they hail from the frosty northern areas of Westeros and have a penchant for human flesh (I'm taking a punt that you are all up to speed on your Game of Thrones references):
August 14th

August 14th

Will you be joining the battle of the bands when Charlie Murder hits XBLA on August 14th for 800MSP? You can get an idea what the achievements will be like here.