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By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Screenshots, trailers and artwork are all part of the normal marketing strategy for any game. So far, Grand Theft Auto V has been no different. However, we're now taking a slightly different tack and we're giving you the first part of a travelogue that will prepare players for their visit to Los Santos & Blaine County next month. This is the place "where the American dream went when it retired and took up silly hobbies".

Fast Cars at your Fingertips

Thanks to the foresight by a consortium of automotive, petroleum and tire manufacturers, burdensome and congestion-causing mass transit was shut down 60 years ago in Los Santos.

This literally paved the way for miles of freeways for citizens to enjoy. If you are ready to hit the highway in a sleek sports car or go off-roading in Blaine County in an SUV, avoid pushy salesmen and select from a stunning array of vehicular options online. Pick up a practical compact sedan like an Annis or Imponte to impress that hot soccer mom... or hit Rockford Drive in style in a top-end Ubermacht Oracle 2 and cruise for some truly vapid company.
Premium Deluxe Motorsport is one of the Los Santos car dealers of choice. Owner Simeon Yetarian even has three HOT special offers right now.

Feltzer - the car for trend-setters, individuals and winners.

Tailgater - one for those who prefer style, status and sophistication.

Voltic - specially designed for those having a mid-life crisis or who are craving female attention.

Thriving Economy and Commerce

Every day the stock exchange is minting millionaires who know how to play the market. Thanks to online trading with the BAWSAQ stock exchange, you can lay it all on the line by betting on a stock that you read was going to be a sure thing. Or do like many hedge fund managers and embrace the time honored tradition of insider trading and corporate espionage.

Then take your gains and invest in the volatile Los Santos commercial real estate market. To go big in this town, you just might need to buy a building.
Dynasty 8 provides the prime property in the Los Santos area. However, if you would rather save up your hard-earned cash, take out a free money checking account with Fleeca Bank where it's time to start paying for everything. The Bank of Liberty or the Maze Bank of Los Santos are also recommended options.

Affordable Healthcare

The kind of hospital you choose says a lot about you.

So make sure you pick the one with the largest advertising budget. You'll see ads for the legendary Mt. Zonah Medical Center all around town. Thanks to recent legislation, if you receive something as harmless as a scratch or as serious as a bullet wound, any of our state certified medical centers will patch you up and make sure the healthy bill is picked up by taxpayers.
According to the 1990 Los Santos census, three out of four San Andreas residents are undergoing some form of therapy. The Pacific Bluffs coastline is home to the practice of "accredited therapist and sponsor" Dr. Isiah Friedlander for those who need a bit of mental therapy. The city is also riddled with dispensaries for those moments when you "grow truly sick of running out of marijuana".

Accessible Air Travel

Imagine... the look on her face when you say you're a producer and you have a private jet on standby. The former may not be true, but thanks to unpredictable gridlock on streets and freeways, the skies are the way to travel. Fly from Los Santos International Airport, buzz up to scenic Paleto Bay on the north coast of Blaine County and make your move on her while she's high on altitude and Nogo vodka. A wide range of aircraft are available for your travel and aerial transport needs. Log onto and purchase luxury aircraft from the Luxor and Shamal jetliners to high-end helicopters and more.
Air Travel 1

Air Travel 2

The Great Outdoors

The Blaine County countryside provides sporting opportunities aplenty for hunters and adventurers. Hug the undergrowth as you hunt for dangerous game, take in the breathtaking sights from the top of Mount Chiliad after a leisurely hike, or make use of the accessible air travel to parachute from great heights.

Outdoors 1

Outdoors 2

Outdoors 3

Outdoors 4

Shopping and Glamour

Tourists come from far and wide for the experience of Los Santos shopping. From the well-tailored jet-setter couture in the high-street shops of Rockford Hills to the disheveled and disaffected drug addict hipster vibe in Hawick, there's a wide array of fashionable retail options for you. And make sure you don't forget the final touch - a new hairstyle from a sassy character at one of our great local salons like Herr Kutz and Beachcombover Barbers.
Shopping 1

Shopping 2

Shopping 3

Shopping 4

Leadership You Can Trust

It's election time in Los Santos. The current "gubernational race" pits Sue Murry against conservative Jock Cranley, a famous screen and TV personality. For who will you vote?

Jock Cranley, a guy who "will throttle the deficit just like he used to throttle bad guys".

Sue Murry, "a liberal who knows what the conservatives want".

Vehicular Customisation Shops

If you spend the majority of the day in your car, you're going to want to take pride in its appearance. LS Customs is your ideal destination. They just specialise in any type of neon - custom wheels, paint, body kits - the options are endless. Take a look at some of their customer testimonies:

Customisation 1

Customisation 2

Customisation 3

Customisation 4

Beaches and Watersports

Our coastal areas and beautiful lakes and rivers are a dream come true for those who crave aquatic adventure. Come relax and take a swim at our beaches (unless it's just after a storm, in which case the runoff is toxic), or go deep and scuba dive to the ocean floor. Keen oceanic explorers have even been known to discover some exciting finds in our coastal waters with the aid of the proper submersible equipment.
Beaches 1

Beaches 2

Beaches 3

Beaches 4

Friendly Neighbours

The streets are alive with all kinds of characters who coordinate clothing colors and enjoy leisure pursuits such as territory clashes and pharmaceutical commerce. Stop and chat with a member of The Epsilon Program for some enlightenment, or head to Blaine County, where they always extend a helping hand to outsiders.

Be sure to keep an eye out for part two of the Los Santos travelogue. We still have lots to tell you about sightseeing, peace of mind and opportunities for the upwardly mobile, but you'll have to wait in suspense for now.

Grand Theft Auto V is due to be released on September 17th.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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