Earth Defense Force 2025 DLC Detailed

By Keith Gray, 6 years ago
Earth Defense Force 2025, known as Earth Defense Force 4 in Japan, is not expected to arrive in North America and Europe until next year. Despite the game only being available in one region at the moment, the game's publisher has revealed that DLC will be released for the title at some point in the future.

D3Publisher has provided the following details about the five additional missions that will be included:

Search: Players are tasked with finding where the giant creatures are coming from, and destroy the entrance to their tunnel.
Parade of Giants: An armoured unit failed to stop the invasion from a troop of Hectors, it is the players job to stop them.
Silver Thread Squad: Similar to Search, giant creatures have invaded the harbour area and the player must seal their entrance.
Fortress: Also set in the harbour area, players are tasked with initiating the first strike on the enemy.
Floating Armada: In the final mission, players must take on alien invader ships.
Earth Defense Force 4 is already available in Japan. Stay tuned for information on the expected release of the equivalent version in other regions, and the availability of the aforementioned DLC content. Although there is no release date confirmation for the DLC yet, D3Publisher has confirmed that the extra content will cost 320 MSP when it eventually hits the marketplace.

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Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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