How The Xbox One Avoids Overheating

By Michelle Balsan, 5 years ago
This week has been absolutely full of Xbox One-related news. We learned that there will be a Season Pass Guarantee. We also learned what markets will get the One at launch, whenever that is. Additionally, we've had clarification as to the Kinect and its use.

Of course, this isn't MS' first console launch. They've been through this before and, hopefully, have learned some lessons. Those of you who were around for the first couple years of the Xbox 360 (and even those of you who weren't) are likely familiar with the "Red Ring of Death". We're not going to get technical, but many, many early edition 360s suffered massive hardware failure, and while Microsoft had a fairly admirable recovery from it, things weren't looking so good for a while there.

One common hardware issue is that of overheating. and Xbox's General Manager of Console Development, Leo del Castillo, sat down with Gizmodo to talk about how the Xbox One accommodates for that. Castillo admits that there's no way to anticipate "misuse of the product," but that it's designed to "allow the fan to go all the way up to its maximum speed and if that solves the condition without the user having to do anything".

Additionally, the One is able to bring down its power usage to a minimal level. This may affect performance, but it will protect the inner-workings of the console, which is similar to how PCs address over-heating issues. The 360 was not designed with very effective power reduction, so couldn't compensate for those issues as effectively as the One will be able to.

Del Castillo also acknowledges that, in an extreme situation where overheating is imminent, the console is designed to give a warning to the user, though he did not clarify what the warning would be, so it could just be hearing the console get very loud as the fan tries to cool it down, or receiving some form of notification.

Of course, as with any new console cycle, we really won't know the effectiveness of these changes until it hits the market at large, but we're looking forward to seeing how the One handles the heat upon its release later this year.
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Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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