The Raven Steals Its Way to XBLA

By Chewie, 5 years ago
Released on PC at the end of last month, The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief - Chapter One: The Eye of the Sphinx was not only a mouthful of a title, but also a thrilling point-and-click crime adventure. At the time, we were unaware of any plans to bring the game onto the Xbox, so we hadn't covered its development. However, now a mystery has begun to emerge, as a page has appeared on the marketplace with a selection of screens, some information on the game and a piece of cover art with the word 'Arcade' plastered along the top. Therefore, using our powers of deductive reasoning and innate ability of pointing out the obvious, we have been able to conclude that the game will indeed be coming to XBLA.

16/08/13 - Screen 1

16/08/13 - Screen 2

16/08/13 - Screen 3

16/08/13 - Screen 4

16/08/13 - Screen 5

16/08/13 - Screen 6

16/08/13 - Screen 7

16/08/13 - Screen 8

16/08/13 - Screen 9

16/08/13 - Screen 10

The Raven is an episodic adventure that unveils the mysterious story of the titular master thief, who was thought to have been killed in Paris in 1960 following a string of high profile burglaries. When an ancient ruby known as The Eye of the Sphinx goes missing in London four years later with a single black feather left at the crime scene, it would seem that The Raven has returned and it is up to dogged inspector Nicolas Legrand and Swiss Constable Anton Jakob Zellner to solve the case using a thrilling mix of pointing, clicking, talking to people, solving puzzles and looking at hint websites.

Whether the XBLA version of the game will include all three of the planned episodes of the story in one package, will be released episodically under one title in the vein of The Walking Dead, or will be packaged as individual games, is yet to be known. A release date for the XBLA version is also unknown. While we try to put together the pieces of the puzzle, feel free to investigate the game's official site for more information on the title so far, including a trailer for the first episode, character profiles and more.
Written by Chewie
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