Battlefield 4 Delivers Experiences Like No Other

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
Battlefield developers DICE will be looking to dominate our playing time for years to come with the incoming release of Battlefield 4 for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. As many of you will know from the fantastic and terrible times we've had from the amazing selection of Battlefield games, there's not many other multiplayer first-person shooters that can offer quite the unique experiences that Battlefield does.

With Battlefield 4 aiming to be bigger, better, more badass, and packed with taller buildings, more tanks, more choppers, more soldiers, and more madness, the thrills and kills of the upcoming title are going to be very tasty. In a new set of videos DICE have released, all with their titles starting with 'Only in Battlefield 4 ', four focus group members take the highly anticipated title for a spin and share their unique experiences with us each in their own video.

Water shanking, ceiling busting, tank destroying, and tank cruising are just small samples shared in these videos. Check them out and enjoy:

Do you guys have any memorable experiences from Battlefield to share with us?

An important part to successful teamwork and the difference between victory and loss in Battlefield 4 will be the correct use of multiplayer kits. Dependent on what map players will be fighting on, the Russian, Chinese and US will be donning their different sets of gear, weapons and equipment. Just like in Battlefield 3, these three factions will include the Assault, Support, Recon and Engineer classes to choose from. Here's a screen of all four kits representing the Chinese:

17/8/13 Blog Screens BF4 2 (China Squad)

DICE have done some major tweaking on the kits for Battlefield 4, making each kit more specialized in its field. Whatever your style, there'll be roles to suit all types of soldiers and plenty of different ways to put your preferred kit to good use and be as effective as possible. Check out this screen of the Russian squad:

17/8/13 Blog Screens BF4 3 (Russian Squad)

DICE have detailed each kit and some of the changes and additions to come. Here are the details on the explosive Engineer kit followed by a screen of the US squad locked and loaded in their kit attire:

For example, this time around the Engineer has a lot more variation in anti-vehicle weapons. We’ve also revamped the way we do vehicle disables and guided weapon systems to give the Engineer a broader set of tactics at his disposal. This includes everything from high damage weapons that may be more challenging to use (like RPG-7V2) to fire-and-forget smart weapons with low damage (like the MBT LAW), and the fan favourite Wire Guided Engineer Missile (the FGM-172 SRAW) that you might recognize from Battlefield 2.
17/8/13 Blog Screens BF4 4 (US Squad)

The Support Kit has been tweaked to include a few more offensive options. C4 and Claymores will still be included in the kit, and players will be able to check out the "redesigned remote mortar". Besides being natural with LMG's, Support soldiers will now be able to use DMR's and Carbine's making a Support soldier much more dangerous and all-round on the offensive side of the battle. Team players will still need to pay attention to their team mates standing behind them screaming "I NEED AMMO! I NEED AMMO!".

Recon players don't always necessarily need to be lying comfy on top of a huge building, or hiding in a window patiently waiting all match for the perfect headshot. However, if this is your kind of vibe, Snipers will be pleased with the "revamped sniping mechanics with rebalanced Sniper Rifles, the ability to zero your sights (set an aiming distance)", and new optics to use. Recon players who are more into the stealthy Spec Ops style of play can make good use of motion sensors, C4, Claymores, and Carbines. For supporting your comrades, the MAV, T-UGS, and Radio Beacon will be available to use too.

Last but certainly not least, the Assault Kit. This is for the warriors running around like mad men telling randoms to move their tank out of the way as they unleash 40mm Flash Band rounds sending the enemy into a blind dazing rage, before being left in a cold heap on the floor from bullets of all makes and models from the large variety of Assault Rifles available to choose from. Assault soldiers will still include med kits, defibrillators and first aid packs to help keep friendlies in the game.

All of these kits and gadgets are all well and good, until some poor soldier has just ripped apart an entire enemy squad but then gets his head blown off as he sits on an ammo box to replenish and reload his empty guns. DICE are aiming to make Battlefield 4 a more 'mobile' experience with tweaks and adjustments to players gadgets and specializations:

As far as gadgets go, we’re allowing for stronger team play on the move by introducing all-new gadgets like the Portable Laser Designator, and adding new portable First Aid and Ammo Packs. These packs now allow Assault and Support players to top off a single teammate’s health or ammo on the move, while the traditional Ammo Box and Med Kit keep their stationary area heal and resupply roles. In the case of the Portable Laser Designator, it’s designed as a SOFLAM for the Recon on the run – allowing you to quickly laser designate targets without the longer setup time of a SOFLAM (with the tradeoff of not being able to deploy it and have it auto-designate targets for you.)
One of the most discussed gameplay mechanics of Battlefield 3 was easily the Suppression system. Making an expected return in Battlefield 4, Suppression has also undergone some tweaking and will hopefully bring authenticity and a realistic experience to the game without ruining a fight with ridiculous inaccuracy and eye-boggling screen blur. The LMG's used by Support kit players will still deliver the biggest and most powerful waves of suppression in battle while other kits will be less suppressive. Close range encounters and outcomes will depend more on player skill rather than who fired first, as suppression will be decreased. The accuracy penalty is no more and suppressed players will feel the effect of their scope swaying. This allows for skilled players to still maintain their sight and still take down the opposing player even when they are suppressed. DICE go on to detail the suppressive effects and how they will affect the battle from all ranges:

Overall, we believe we have a great-performing suppression system in Battlefield 4 that doesn’t interfere in close quarters combat, while at the same time allowing for skilled players of the Support kit to really make a difference. Laying down covering fire as Support means your frontline runners can gain a crucial momentum in medium-range combat and still allows you to combat the improved long-range options we’ve given players who prefer to stay back at long range.
In a recent article on Battlefield 4, we covered some of the details regarding 'Field Upgrades'. DICE go into more detail on the subject with a small screen of the Field Upgrade Progress Bar, or, the 'Bro Bar' as DICE's office players have dubbed it, along with more info regarding the offensive and defensive paths players and their squads will be able to work towards:

17/8/13 Blog Screens BF4 1

Each of the playable kits: Engineer, Recon, Assault, and Support, have four upgrade careers to choose between. Two of these are global and usable for any kit – one of them focusing on Offense and one on Defense. Offense starts with SPRINT and goes through AMMO, MORE GRENADES, and REDUCED FALL. These give you quicker sprint speed, more available ammo magazines, one extra hand grenade, and allows you to fall from greater heights without taking any damage, respectively. This universal upgrade path is great for players who enjoy being at the front lines and leading the charge.

Meanwhile, the Defense path will net you ARMOR, COVER, FLAK, and QUICK REGEN. These grant you increased protection from shots to the chest, a decreased rate of being suppressed, decreased damage from explosions, and a shorter time span before the out-of-combat health regeneration kicks in. If you are more defensive-minded, perhaps playing as Support from the sidelines, this can be an excellent choice.
The Offensive and Defensive careers will be universal. Players will also be able to choose and make progress with two paths that will be unique to specific kits. Assault kit users will be able to specialize further with the use of the Combat Medic and Grenadier upgrades, while the likes of an Engineer will be able to specialize in defense thanks to the Mechanic upgrade, or offense with the use of the Anti-Tank upgrade. To top all of this off, players won't be stuck with their first choice for the entire match. If you feel like selecting a different upgrade to pursue or use, you can do whenever you like! There will be no reset or setback for changing your upgrade. Even leaving a squad won't reset your progress either. This is excellent news for anyone who may be unlucky enough to be disconnected from Xbox LIVE or if their console crashes. Just simply join your squad (or a squad) again, and carry on your progress from where you left off.

DICE have stepped up the number of unique specializations from Battlefield 3's seven to over 25 that will be available in Battlefield 4. More kits, more variety, more ways to help support your team and win the battle! Check out my custom made specialization chart to see which ones you'd like to give a try once the game unleashes.

Note that we are still in Alpha stage, so all names, designs, and fine-tuning are subject to change.


• SPRINT -- Increases maximum sprint speed
• AMMO -- Increases maximum inventory of bullets
• C4 EXPLOSIVES -- Increases maximum inventory of C4 explosives
• COVER -- Decreases amount of incoming suppression
• SUPPRESSION -- Increases the amount of outgoing suppression
• FLAK -- Decreases explosion damage
• GRENADES -- Increases maximum inventory of hand grenades
• (NEW) ROCKETS -- Increases maximum inventory of AT (anti-tank) and AA (anti-air) ammo
• (NEW) MINES -- Increases maximum inventory of AT Mines or M2 SLAM
• (NEW) STEALTH -- Player is undetected by Motion Sensors except when sprinting
• (NEW) HOLD BREATH -- Increases time you can Steady your scope
• (NEW) FAST REPAIR -- Increases speed and sabotage of Repairs
• (NEW) DEFIB UPGRADE -- Increases charge up speed of the defibrillators
• (NEW) 40mm GRENADES -- Increases maximum inventory of 40mm grenades
• (NEW) ADVANCED SPOT -- Increases time your targets are Spotted
• (NEW) MEDKITS UPGRADE -- Increases maximum deployed medic bags and packs
• (NEW) MOTION SENSORS UPGRADE -- Increases the maximum inventory of Motion Sensors. Increases the range of T-UGS and MAV
• (NEW) MORE DEPLOYED EXPLOSIVES -- Increases maximum deployed Explosives
• (NEW) AMMO BAG UPGRADE -- Increases maximum deployed ammo boxes and packs
• (NEW) ARMOR -- Reduces incoming damage to the chest
• (NEW) QUICK UNSPOT -- Reduces time you are spotted
• (NEW) MEDICAL UNIT -- Occupied vehicles will slowly heal nearby soldiers
• (NEW) SUPPLY UNIT -- Occupied vehicles will slowly resupply nearby soldiers
• (NEW) REPAIR UNIT -- Occupied vehicles will slowly repair nearby vehicles
• (NEW) REDUCED FALL -- Increases height you can fall without damage
• (NEW) QUICK REGEN -- Decreases time before out of combat heal
• (NEW) MP-APS UPGRADE -- Longer uptime on MP APS
• (NEW) INDIRECT FIRE UPGRADE -- Increases maximum M224 ammo. Increases maximum XM25 magazines
• (NEW) CLAYMORES -- Increases the maximum inventory of claymores
Stay tuned for plenty more details to come as "The Road to Battlefield 4" continues!

The game itself is scheduled for release on Xbox 360 on October 29th for North America and November 1st for other regions. The Xbox One version remains without a release date.
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