E3:2010 - Saints Row 3 News is No News

By dropK1CK ninJA,
Normally, I will write these type of stories off as non-news stories. I feel that you announce you have no news about your game until a later date as stories for slow news days, but with E3 and the biggest games there — it is a slightly different situation, right?

THQ did not do a presentation in the same vein as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, or Activision, but they did hold a conference call to discuss some of their properties. When asked where Saints Row 3 was, core games VP Danny Bilson told those in attendence that the game will be shown during Spike TV's Video Game Awards in December. Until December you are out of luck trying to find Saints Row 3 material.

His entire quote:

“I’m not going to show it to you today. This is the only room we’re talking about Saints Row 3. We’re not showing it on the floor because the rollout starts in December on Saints Row 3.

“We’ve spent an extra year rebuilding the technology for this game. It is absolutely gorgeous and still completely insane.

“We’re also going to have a collectible card game, we’re going to have books, we’re going to have merchandise – we’re going to build this thing out into the biggest trans-media blowout ever seen.

“Most of these deals are already in place. I believe we’re going to announce this at the Spike awards in December.

“It’s really, really exciting what’s going on with Saint’s Row and when we launch this it’s really going to turn heads to what we’ve done with this brand.

“Saints Row is going to be a monster for us."
In the same vein as the "trans-media blowout", THQ confirmed that they are releasing a Hollywood film. This film will be released the same day as the retail game and allegedly a big name is attached to the movie. GameSpot speculates that it is probably 50 Cent since he attempted to option the rights for a film back in February of 2009.

Either way, at least you got some news, right?

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