Ubisoft Discusses Watch_Dogs

By Dog of Thunder, 5 years ago
Watch_Dogs, Ubisoft's latest IP about the life of a hacker in near-future Chicago, will be out in just a few months. We recently had a series of new videos, highlighting the hacking and the environment. While we don't have a trailer today, members of the Watch_Dogs team recently took some time to conduct a Q&A session with Microsoft and discussed some other aspects of the game.

A prime focus of the discussion was regarding the blurring of lines between the various game modes, which Jonathan Morin the Creative Director for Watch_Dogs compared to how people play games these days. Mr. Morin believes that people are interconnected these days and will be playing one game while talking to a friend online that is playing a completely separate game, even another single-player game. In Watch_Dogs, players will be able to "hack" into another player's world and make themselves stronger.

The system works by first having you enter another player's world, at which point you can attempt to hack the other player. Doing so will leave behind a "virus" which will allow you to grow a bit in power whenever the hacked player grows in power. Your victim knows that they have been hacked and the system will tell them exactly who did it, which gives them the chance to retaliate. If they manage to hack you back they will sever the connection between you and you will no longer get any benefit when they get more powerful. This system allows for an interesting hacking/counter-hacking style of gameplay without actually creating negative consequences for the player that was hacked. This system allows players to gain "notoriety", which lets others know just how good of a hacker you are, though other in-game uses are currently under wraps.

Every time a player goes online with Watch_Dogs, they will be placed into a session that can contain another player. The invading player can begin a monitoring scan or accept a contract, which will trigger the invasive hacking process. Once the situation is resolved, both players will then have their gaming sessions separated so that each player may resume playing just as they were before the hack.

Watch_Dogs will be available for the Xbox 360 on November 19th in North America and November 22nd in Europe. An Xbox One release date has yet to be announced.