More Disney Infinity Toybox Videos

By Dog of Thunder, 5 years ago
Disney Infinity was released over the weekend, but for those of you that haven't picked up this unique title, enjoy the following videos highlighting the title's Toybox Mode.

First up, we have a floating castle:

Next, we have Buzz Lightyear and Jack Sparrow (among many others) engaging in jousting:

Mr. Incredible gets lost in the Red Queen's hedge maze:

A race goes from Tron to Sugar Rush:

The Happiest Place On Earth:

All of these videos are only examples of what can be created in the extensive Toybox Mode, which can be played for...uhhh...infinity. For more information on the Toybox Mode, here's a flashback to some earlier trailers aptly titled How to use Toybox Mode.

Disney Infinity, and its series of collectible figurines, is out now in North America. The game is released across the rest of the world on Friday.