Halo 4 Armor Mod Update

By Cindy Minguez, 5 years ago
Today, 343 Industries' latest update for Halo 4 is live. Two new armor mods are available for free in the update; they are available for immediate use in your Loadouts:

Recharge: New Support Upgrade available to all players
Recharge decreases the time it takes for your shields to recharge.

Survivor: New Support Upgrade available to all players
Survivor ejects you out of a vehicle if it’s about to explode.
Several other changes are included in this update, as well:

For starters, the Global Championship online qualifier will be coming to a close, and the Rumble Pit playlist will return as the premiere FFA offering. Based on community feedback, we’ve also made some changes. Rumble Pit will have a total of 15 new voting options including new Slayer game types, new objective game types (King of the Hill and Oddball) and Regicide, which is being consolidated and will now exclusively be available in the Rumble Pit playlist.

The following Slayer and objective game types from the Halo 4 Global Championship playlist will be added to the Rumble Pit offerings:

Haven Oddball
Skyline Rumble BRs
Simplex Rumble BRs
Abandon King of the Hill
Landfall King of the Hill

While the above game types will add variety to the playlist, a Slayer game type will always be present in the first voting slot. As always, we want to know your thoughts on these game types and what else you’d like to see in Rumble Pit. Head over to the Rumble Pit Feedback Thread next week to join the conversation.

In Spartan Ops Matchmaking, we’ll be offering a selection of Forerunner-themed missions:

Episode 1, Chapter 3: The Challenge
Episode 1, Chapter 4: Sacred
Episode 2, Chapter 5: Gagarin
Episode 5, Chapter 1: Spartan Miller
Episode 5, Chapter 2: Nothing Can Go Wrong

We’ll also be removing Crimson DLC in preparation for the Champions Bundle the following day.
Pick up your new mods and let Master Chief get back to doing what he does best, fighting humanity's foes.
Cindy Minguez
Written by Cindy Minguez
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