TA E3 Wrap-Up Chit-Chat

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Welcome, one and all, to the after party! Hosted by yours truly, I decided to abandon my colleagues and invite the step children over for their thoughts and comments on this year’s E3 event. That’s correct, sir or madam! The content team has given me a few moments of their time between gaming, dancing, and boozing for their thoughts on E3 this year. These “E3 moments” are not Microsoft-centric. If you are of the faint of heart, on high blood pressure, or pregnant you may want to stop here. That means you, http://www.trueachievements.com/Codster2005.htm Ah hell, if you don’t plan on reading it you’ve all ready gone to the comments section by now.

Let’s start with the infamous crazy of guys, or gentleman crazy, or maybe it’s dudecrazy108!

I am really liking the ESPN thing. I'll only use it for some games and I wont even watch the whole game but it'll be cool. Bodycount and Bulletstorm are also looking very good to me since I've been watching those two. AC Brotherhood is looking to be good too. Gears 3 demo was cool but 4 player co-op is what’s doing it for me. (Ninja Note – See that ladies! He’s easy to please and to turn on!)

Now the whole Natel name change was TERRIBLE. It will always be Natel and really nothing they showed off was insanely good. Yeah Forza was cool, but after a short amount of time, [it is] going to lose its flare.

Nintendo did do quite amazing to me. With the new Zelda, a new Mario sports game which looks awsome, a new DK Country (Ninja Note – That’s Donkey Kong. I could only be so lucky to have my own adventure game), Goldeneye, and Epic Mickey they seem to have a nice lineup coming out.
Thanks for your time, D-Crazy. Now get back out on that dance floor.

I am very excited for ESPN streaming, now I can catch all the WVU games without using my computer. That means I can bring you all more news that you won’t read while you are out watching football!

Next is TA’s official delicious snack that goes over well with a warm cup of coffee, let’s get crazy for Tasty Pastry!!

Call me silly but my interest is not on the new 360, but rather on the new Nintendo 3DS. Sure, maybe 3D effects have been overplayed this last year with every single children's movie taking advantage of the idea, but this looks like a real innovation that I didn't see coming. I have to say I was disappointed with the last DSi introduction, not feeling that it brought enough "new" ideas to the table. With how much other members of the gaming community praised the effects of the 3DS in Nintendo's presentation, I have high hopes that this thing will be of good quality, and could reinvigorate my interest in Nintendo products. Of course the games that utilize the feature will make or break the product.
Thanks you, Pokenerd! Go order a round of drinks on my manager!

We all know why TP is excited for the 3DS… it’s for that 3D Pikachu he always wanted. He could pet him, and love him, and God knows what else to him! Awesome!

He may have been drunk when he let his forehead create his screenname. He may still be drunk, gentlemen haul over from the bar Content Team’s Fafhrdd!

You see while the Xbox Slim and Kinect are awesome and while I feel some excitement in getting them they were well covered in the past. I mean we all knew about "Kinect" even while it was called Natal and even if we did not have the full details. At the same time we all knew that sooner or later a slimmer Xbox would be coming out (heck even a week before E3 came out some images were leaked out).

What took me by surprise? What got my blood pumping? Something I did not expect (I personally never seen this before and it could just be my lack of looking but still it took me by surprise). ESPN3!!!! Gaming comes first yet sports come in second. I love the idea that Microsoft continues to deliver their promise that this is just not a gaming console, this IS a full entertainment package. Now I can enjoy my Netflix movies, play my games, listen to my music, watch slide shows, watch TV shows and movies, and now I can set back and watch sporting events live or if I missed one watch a re-run of one.

I am SO excited about this one.
We are both excited about this new streaming package. Just don’t get depressed when the Blue and Gold (WVU, not Michigan you suckers) stomps all over yee! Back to the bar with you!

Did anyone notice the conflict of comments between Fafhrdd and Dudecrazy108!? That’s crazy! We can’t have opinions on our staff! We need to be drones! Hail Microsoft! (Send my check!)

We can’t tell what color this Englishman’s hair is supposed to be, we suspect it changes colors (excuse me, colouuuuurs) on its own. I believe it is a reaction to how wonderful England is doing in the World Cup Soccer Games, let’s pick up and cheer up, http://www.trueachievements.com/lozzy7.htm!!

Choosing a single moment is tough, but I'll have to go with seeing the new material on Crackdown 2. I remember having so many fun experiences on the original Crackdown, like building the biggest pile of cars possible in co-op, only to blow it all to kingdom come moments later or trying to find the most creative way to bump off the gang bosses. Garbage dumpster to the face, anyone?

From what I saw, Ruffian Games has taken all that on board and sought to expand on all the attributes which made the original one of the most genuinely enjoyable experiences I've had to date on my Xbox. The versus aspect should help bring it up to par with the most popular games of the moment, and I think that being set in such a vast, open environment with such versatile and destructive toys to play with will give Crackdown 2's multiplayer limitless scope for replayability.
I bet Lozzy may have tortured small animals when he was a child, after hearing that. Someone keep an eye on him! I jest! I jest! Oh you are all so easy to rile up. Crackdown 2 is indeed on this ninja’s radar, but will zombies be enough to bring me back to the City? Hell yeah it is!

He represents the world’s best country. He has a black belt in video gaming. Let us welcome, and not offend, Kung Fu Riki (watch out for the roundhouse kick)!

I haven't played Gears of War 2 before this E3 week (Ninja Note – GASP! Scandalous!) but because of the 6x experience week, I purchased the GOTY edition. This game surprised me in so many ways. When I played the first Gears of War the online community was smaller than when it launched and was full of players way above my skill level. Gears 2 will never feel like a small online community because when a multiplayer game is lacking players there will always be bots to fill in the gaps. This is remarkable in many ways: the most being that I can now get kills. Gears of War 3 had a really good showing at E3 this year but my most anticipated game will be Portal 2 because Gladis is back and I want to see her get her cake!
GLADos and I are very happy about our return. We are allies for Science. Are you? Let us help you find the deliciously moist cake.

Now that we have sent off Kung Fu Riki for some dessert (in the name of Science!), let us bring someone off the beach (congratulations!) and into the dark basement of gaming for a few moments. Welcome to the posting, MxSvnty4!

I know it isn't Microsoft related, but I'm most interested in the Nintendo 3DS. I'm sure most of you all already know the facts about it, but I mean you can take 3D pictures, it has a 3D depth slider (to adjust the 3D), a slide pad, and a gyro and motion sensor. Those additions weren't the only thing that interested me, but the games that were announced for it are even better! Kingdom of Hearts, Saints Row, Ridge Racer, Resident Evil, Assassin's Creed, and Metal Gear Solid are all going to be new 3DS compatible games. What more could you ask for! (Ninja Note – Achievements!) If I don't buy the new 360 first, I'm going to get the 3DS no doubt!

Now to switch to the 360. I'm most interested in Gears of War 3. I know almost everyone is hyped for it, and I'd hate to choose such a mainstream game, but it just looks absolutely amazing. Of course, the 4 player co-op is just another great thing included in it. The bad thing is that I have to wait just a little under a year for it.
While MxSvnt4 is off celebrating and vacationing, you should all visit his homepage and throw TP (toilet paper, not the tasty pastries) all over it!

We are not sure what the identity is of this fellow gamer, I do know who I am going to call though. You guys give him a warm welcome, while I fetch my Proton Pack, for Mikokun!

I've long been a fan of the Metal Gear series, going back to Metal Gear Solid on the PS1, and I'm excited to see this franchise finally hit the 360 (Substance coming out on the Xbox not included). I was never one to think that Raiden was ever "lame", his experiences in Metal Gear Solid 2 definitely hit the mark Kojima was aiming for. That is, to make the player re-think about everything they know, question if they can trust characters they've long known, and avoid making the series stale by making everything the same. This game promises to bridge MGS2 and MGS4, and will no doubt continue to expand the mythos of the Metal Gear universe. The gameplay itself we have not seen enough to fully comment on, but the precision cutting definitely intriguing. Supposedly there will still be a stealth focus, though it will obviously play differently than other games.

I myself am an unabashed Rock Band lover. Rock Band 3 looks to step up the game removing the quite annoying lobby system and introducing drop-in/drop-out gameplay that will be sure to help keep groups together more easily. The graphics themselves look to be updated and better done while still keeping the look that Rock Band has maintained. The obvious big news is the addition of keyboards and the Pro gameplay. Keyboards have long been wanted in music rhythm games for awhile now as Harmonix themselves have stated, so I find it quite refreshing they are adding a new dynamic to how the game plays. Being able to play keyboard stuff on guitar and vice-versa is also refreshing knowing that I don’t need to buy another piece of hardware to enjoy more Rock Band goodness. Harmonix seems very sincere in wanting to guide people to becoming real musicians, while not alienating those that want to enjoy Rock Band for how its always been, a game.
I bet those achievements will alienate some of us who enjoy Rock Band as a video game. Oh well, I guess I better start paying for some lessons in ROCK (music kind, not geology. I’ve got plenty of geology.)

Come to dominate the world, and a rival to Galactus in global domination, we have The Globalizer! (A way much better villain name if I do say so.)

For me, the defining moment of E3 this year was the reveal of the updated console. Nothing groundbreaking here, just a revamped box with some extra polish and some nice perks. Given all the trouble MS had for the first couple of years of the 360, a fresh console for the post-RROD era is a nice psychological move forward, and adding Wi-Fi with no price impact is a nice touch. In addition, with these hardware upgrades, MS is making me think about what the "next-gen" will mean for the Xbox, and I'm beginning to think that it will be more powerful hardware with the same console software across generations. The fact that MS makes the hardware and the software means that they are able to build either one understanding where the other is going, and makes me wonder if those boxes are built with some as-yet untapped potential.
You hear that Microsoft? You have done good by the super villain! Let us stay out of his way.

That hammer you see? That is for banning people, with fashion. He is your judge, jury, and executioner. Please quake and quiver in fear in the presence of Ex-Content Team member and TA Dream Crusher, Patsreds!

The most exciting thing to me from E3 this year was the Portal 2 trailer. Portal being one of my all time favourite games for the humour in it, I was pretty excited to see some more news about Portal 2. Not only that, but to see that humour was definitely still a major part of it. The other major thing I'm looking forward to (obviously apart from playing the game itself!) is hearing more of Jonathan Coulton's songs since they announced that he and his music were going to play a bigger part in the second game. Oh, and cake. The Companion Cube and cake.
See how much you make me fear you? I didn’t edit your improper use of the English language. Remember, GLADos and I are allies. For science. Don’t you dare bring down the banhammer here, boy! You want some of the cake.

Let us shift our discussion and interviews away from delicious desserts to the dinner itself. Let us prepare for too much taco, let us welcome, http://www.trueachievements.com/TOO+Taco+Bob.htm!

Nintendo definitely won best of show this year. New Donkey Kong, new Metroid, and new Zelda; Not to mention Epic Mickey is going to be just that, EPIC! Might have to finally buy myself a Wii. Microsoft and Sony spent too much time talking about motion controls and not enough about actual games. Death to the casual crowd!

As for best game of E3, Rage hands down. I don't care if the post apocalyptic scene is a bit played out at this point, that game is freaking gorgeous. Plus I can't get enough of these FPS/RPG hybrids.
Nintendo was just EPIC! EPIC! Someone mail a thesaurus over to Nintendo. Thank you for your time, delicious Mexican snack.

He threatened to have a talk with my boss if I didn’t give him a proper introduction. When you feel like you’ve had a déjà vu, it is really Van Uden walking into the room. When you get that shiver down your spine, that is really Van Uden watching you. When you look in a mirror and wish to be awesome, it is really Van Uden you want to be. So all the opinions everyone has about E3, they wish were like Van Uden!

Let me start with being honest with you guys, I don't watch trailers, I hardly read reviews and I buy games because I happen to see them on a shelf. That being said I did have fun checking various trailers and getting into what is being released in the future. I enjoyed seeing Gears of War 3, Call of Duty Black Ops, Fable 3, Halo Reach and Dungeon Siege III, but the one that most tickled my fancy has to be:

Brink - To me this looked like Call of Duty meets Borderlands meets Mirror's Edge, how can one go wrong with that? Jumping, running, vaulting, sliding with a customized character with customizable weapons while leveling up? I won't say I creamed my pants reading that but some tissues wouldn't hurt either. The look of the weapons and aiming reminded me a lot of Call of Duty. The trailer explaining how to move was like Mirror's Edge only simpler. The gaining experience and leveling up reminded me of Borderlands although Mass Effect could've been mentioned there too. Can't wait till this comes out.
I agree! Brink is number one! I just hope it sells better than Mirror’s Edge. Where is the hype train when you really need it?

We are not quite sure what he is skilled at or what skills he is full of (perhaps the BS variety?) but let us welcome, SkillfulMmd!

Biggest success - Fallout: New Vegas. I know a lot of you guys are going to be looking forward to this I mean personally Fallout was easily one of my favourite Xbox games there's so much you can do in it. But the game doesn’t feel rushed when you walk into a new town. You get a real sense of struggle and darkness. This is something that can't be found in many other games and I just can't wait for the new one.

Biggest flop- The new 250GB Xbox. Now this may come as a suprise to some of you but to me this just shows everything bad about large company's like Microsoft. Let say for example you went a brought the 250GB Modern Warfare 2 limited edition Xbox that would set you back £250 then you saw that there was a new wireless adapter and you went and got that as well. That's another £50-60 out of your pocket so you've spent about £300 on your Xbox to be told a couple of months down the line you will get the same package £100 cheaper with a nice aesthetic look and an over-all more efficient console how could you not be mad.
Criticize away! I believe that TrueAchievements is a free speech country! If not, we must secede and create our own country! All hail, RealisiticBenchmarks!

This little chicky was on the rush when I got them for a few moments. Fellow TA’er and Content Teamer albajos had this scandalous information to share:

Many shiny objects, not much content.
External image
sums it up quite nicely.
Is that a Wii taking a… wee?

The next Content Teamer is going to let me camp is his yard for few when I pillage his country side for rocks, let us welcome http://www.trueachievements.com/DimitriRascalov.htm!

The thing that caught my eye the most was Dead Rising 2. As a huge fan of the original, I've been waiting for the sequel for some time now, and with the announcement of CASE ZERO, I'm really excited. Also liked the 3DS showing, makes me glad I didn't get a DSi XL.
Dead Rising: CASE Zero (which has this awesome news story written about it, I hear) defiantly came out of nowhere for me. I must have it. I must have brrraaiiiinnnsss…

The last stop is with the futuristic red, or what he prefers to go by, NEO CRIMS0N!

Twisted freaking Metal. Seeing a somewhat portly Sweet Tooth ride out on stage with his flaming clown head ice cream truck sent waves of nostalgia that only a stereotypical ice cream truck melody could dish out. I can't wait to get behind the fully tricked out version of this epic car trashing, world shaking, all out road rage inducing Twisted Metal next year! THE CLOWN IS BACK!
From the sounds of excited me from the Red there, we may have a new opening on the Content Team. I kid! I kid! Sweet Tooth was pretty… sweet.

Anyways, I would like to provide my final thoughts on E3. I wish Microsoft had shown more of its exclusives portfolio. Let us get excited for the future beyond Kinect. I am excited for Kinect, but I want games to play as well. I was really hoping for some Final Fantasy information, specifically the variety that would make it multiplatform again. I was disappointed with the lack of RPGs this year, however Crytek’s Codename Kingdoms did look very interesting. I will have to keep an eye on that exclusive.

As always, I encourage everyone to post their E3 moments. What made you excited? What disappointed you? How would you plug the hole in the Gulf of Mexico? Let us all rejoice in the fact that we are gamers and we are awesome!