Fighter Within Announced for Xbox One

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
At Gamescom in Germany, Ubisoft have announced the first Kinect-enabled fighting title exclusively designed for the next-generation Xbox One system, titled Fighter Within. Using the newest Kinect technology, players will be able to test their mettle against virtual opponents with punches, kicks, counters and combos, all in the comfort of your own living room. Naturally, you will also be able to prove your combat skills against online friends; just remember to keep the fights in the virtual world.

Ubisoft EMEA Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Geoffroy Sardin offers an insight into the upcoming game:
Fighter Within taps into the ultimate fighting game fantasy by offering players the most engaging and physical motion fighting experience on Xbox One. Players will square off against their friends to test their skills, prove their dominance and unleash their Fighter Within.
Microsoft's Global Publishing General Manager George Peckham continues:
With more precise and responsive voice, vision and motion technology, the new Kinect for Xbox One will immerse players into games and entertainment like never before. Ubisoft has delivered a wide variety of innovative, exclusive titles for Kinect for Xbox 360 and will no doubt give gamers another one-of-a-kind experience with Fighter Within on Xbox One.
Fighter Within is scheduled to be released sometime towards the end of this year after the release of the Xbox One. Let's just hope this release doesn't coincide with a spate of hyperextension-related injuries and broken television sets.