Deal of the Week: June 21st, 2010

By zigs00, 8 years ago
I've heard from a reliable source that there is a sports event happening at the moment, a big kickball competition I believe. As a gamer, this means absolutely nothing to me other than that this week's DotW is on a bunch of tie-in sports items, and discounts on XBLA sports games! As always, the following deals are exclusive to Xbox Live Gold members.

Don't forget though, the Xbox Live Arcade Inventory Blowout Sale (E3 Crazy XBLA Deals [LAST DAY]) is still running, with deals being offered on all those titles until Tuesday 22nd!

First up, the old school classic Sensible World of Soccer, down from 800 to 400 MSP this week. gives the following description of the game:
Sensible World of Soccer™ is the classic nineties soccer game reborn with enhanced graphics! Play against your friends online in this fantastic pick up and play soccer extravaganza. Experience all the excitement of a full season or enter into a quick game against your friends. Want to be more hands-on? Manage your team over a full season with a fully immersive tactics editor to put yourself in control on the way to the title.
Download link:

Almost seems like there's a trend for this week's deals! Trivia-based Football Genius: The Ultimate Quiz is also on offer, down from 800 to 400 MSP. gives the following description of the game:
Are you a Football Genius? Test your football knowledge in Football Genius — The Ultimate Quiz! The game features six questions packs covering International, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish football with over 3500 questions about your favorite teams, players, and tournaments!
Download link:

The DLC is also on offer, down to just 240 MSP this week. The deal is applicable to each language version of the content (English, French, Spanish, Italian and German) gives the following description of the content:
FIFA 10 Ultimate Team offers fans a new way of playing the FIFA 10. Take on the challenge of building an Ultimate Team of the best football stars in the world, choose to manage one or multiple squads simultaneously, and compete against other gamers in dynamically updated online tournaments. The Ultimate Team version you download will only play the commentary languages supported by your FIFA 10 disc.
Download link:

Seemingly forgetting which football World Cup it is, the XBLA game Madden NFL Arcade is down from its ridiculous 1200 to a more reasonable 800 MSP this week. gives the following description of the game:
Feel the excitement of the NFL with a fun, fast-paced, 5-on-5 football experience. Madden NFL Arcade for Xbox LIVE Arcade brings the 10 best players from each of the 32 NFL teams on offense and defense together to battle it out on the gridiron. No penalties, no clock, just pure adrenaline, as each team has four downs to march 60 yards downfield for the score. Madden NFL Arcade takes everything you love about your favorite NFL stars and stadiums and brings them to life in a fun, high-scoring gridiron battle!
Download link:

NBA 2K10 Draft Combine? That's basketball, right? That's not even close to football! Nonetheless, down from 400 to an absolute steal of 240 MSP. gives the following description of the game:
Enhance your NBA 2K10 experience with NBA 2K10: Draft Combine, the exclusive game from 2K Sports that allows you to create your own custom NBA player and live the life of an NBA hopeful going through the real NBA Draft Combine in Chicago's Attack Gym. Improve your game through drills and Draft Combine scrimmages to increase your NBA draft stock, then pick up a copy of NBA 2K10 to find your created player waiting for you in the all-new My Player mode to experience the NBA Draft and begin your path to NBA stardom.
Download link:

Oh come on! MLB Stickball is a frickin' baseball game! Whatever, 50% off, down from 800 to 400 MSP, blah blah blah. gives the following description of the game:
The classic game of stickball comes to Xbox 360 LIVE® Arcade with MLB® Stickball, featuring all 30 Major League teams and 120 of your favorite pro players. Collect Topps™ Pro cards from the MLB to flesh out your team. Take to the streets where each neighborhood has its own rules, from the streets of Brooklyn to the beach in Los Angeles. Enjoy the single-player Tour Mode or play with up to four friends either locally or over Xbox LIVE.
Download link:

Finally, and at least slightly back on track, the "Soccer Ball" Avatar prop is just 80 MSP this week. If that tickles your fancy, then you can download it here: