XBLA Wednesday: June 23rd, 2010

By Aeris Gainzbrah, 8 years ago
Two new ones on Xbox LIVE Arcade this week! These are:

RISK: Factions - 800 MSP
The original game of strategy and world domination comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade- with a surprise twist! Wage war with five factions, each with unique abilities. Command your army with strategic thinking and tactical gambles and you just might win the day.

Five unique factions with different strengths:

* Play as the Human, Cat, Robot, Undead, or Yeti army!

Campaign Mode:

* Play through the campaign mode to unlock new factions

Local & Online Multiplayer:

* Fight for world domination in ranked or unranked matches
* See how you stack up on the RISK Leaderboards

New ways to play:

* Play objective-based or world conquest scenarios
* Play on new maps with dynamic terrain. Flood enemies out of territories, avoid nuclear fallout, and control missile silos to gain the strategic upper hand.
* Unleash Overkill moments based on the dice roll
* Enjoy fun and quirky animated battles
* Unlock avatar awards


Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project - 800 MSP
Duke Nukem is back in Duke Nukem Manhattan Project™! New York City is being overrun by a mutant menace and it's time to de-worm the Big Apple. This explosive 3-D action game features the politically incorrect action hero defending the city that never sleeps, and its babes, from the evil Mech Morphix across 24 levels from Chinatown to Space. A super-sized collection of weapons, enemies and bosses await. As Duke would say, “Babes, bullets, bombs. Man, I love this job!”

And, this weeks Game Room additions are: Casino, H.E.R.O., Laser Blast, Black Widow and Triple Action.