A Collection of Screens and Gameplay for The Crew

By Marc Hollinshead, 5 years ago
With the usual chaos and general buzz that E3 tends to create each year, there may well have been a number of announcements and pieces of exciting news that slipped past certain folk. One of those game announcements in some cases could have been Ubisoft's next-gen racing title The Crew. The Crew promises to deliver a racing experience like no other in a genre that could be said to be getting old and stale. Back in June, we provided faithful TA'ers with information on this upcoming title, along with some very sleek screenshots and a video to boot. Go have a gander if you missed it.

Today, we have some brand new and equally as sleek screenshots for you to enjoy. These particular shots show some general gameplay as well as the ways in which you can customise the car of your dreams. Try not to be dazzled by the vehicles' shiny exteriors!

Gamescom screen 1

Gamescom screen 2

Gamescom screen 3

Gamescom screen 5

Gamescom screen 4

Gamescom screen 6

Gamescom screen 7

Gamescom screen 8

Gamescom screen 9

Gamescom screen 10

Gamescom screen 11

Gamescom screen 12

Gamescom screen 13

Gamescom screen 14

That's not all. A new video showcasing some gameplay, commentated by the game's Creative Director, Julain Gerighty, has also zoomed to the surface. In this video, Gerighty provides a more in-depth look at the customisation that's offered in The Crew and how unique the racing actually is.

The Crew only has a release window of Early 2014 so far, but keep those eyes peeled for when that window narrows!
Marc Hollinshead
Written by Marc Hollinshead
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