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By Cindy Minguez, 5 years ago
Square Enix has ratcheted up the excitement level for its third Final Fantasy XIII game with a series of new screenshots (complete with text) and a couple of amazing trailers from For those of you eagerly awaiting Lightning's heroic return, feast your eyes on these.


Canopus Farms is one of the small settlements that dot the Wildlands. The gysahl greens that are grown here are renowned as a local delicacy!


The Wildlands...the last remaining wilderness in a dying world.

The Wildlands is the fourth continent of Nova Chrysalia, and contains the remnants of the sprawling natural wilderness that once existed on Gran Pulse. Beasts run free here, and the people live a hardy life of self-sufficiency. But behind the lush and bountiful facade seethes Chaos that is especially powerful and dangerous.
The Wildlands station is carved into the very face of a mountain. You can look out over sprawling green vistas from the station platform, making it hard to believe that you are still in a world on the brink of destruction.

The Wildlands are covered with swathes of forest like this. You can easily get lost if you don’t check your map when traversing this region.


The Moogle Village can be found in the depths of the Wildland's forests. This small settlement is run by none other than Mog, the brave moogle who once journeyed with Serah.


Sazh currently lives with his son Dajh, in a house converted from the ruins of a crashed airship. He has been tormented for many hundreds of years by his failure to save his son, who fell into a deep slumber when the world began to collapse, and has not awakened since.


Sazh has never give[n] up on the quest to awaken his sleeping son. However, being unable to save him has cast a dark shadow over his heart…

When he fought together with Lightning, Sazh always cheered everybody up with his easy-going outlook, but now his manner is hard and his expression has become ashen.


After being pulled into the expanding vortex of Chaos, Mog wandered the Void Beyond for an age. However, he found out that his moogle comrades had also wound up there, and together they built the Moogle Village; with Mog becoming the headman. Mog has long been wracked with guilt over his failure to protect Serah.


Mog is finally reunited with Lightning, but he has deep regrets about failing to protect Serah and tries to escape. However, Lightning speaks to him with words of kindness.


Lightning sees Mog unchanged over several hundred years and cannot help but smile.

It seems that Dajh cannot awaken because his soul is in another place. Was it Lumina who hid the soul?


A blue chocobo chick appears before Lightning. Follow the chocobo to search for clues that might save Dajh!


In the Wildlands, there exists a mysterious white chocobo known as the "angel of Valhalla." Lightning saves this magnificent creature when it is attacked by a monster, an act that leads to further intriguing developments...

Although saved from certain death, the white chocobo does not appear to want to eat… For some reason it will only respond to Lightning, and so she agrees to look after it and nurse it back to health.

Gather information from among the villagers and acquire nutritious items such as gysahl greens to feed the chocobo. If the recovery goes according to plan, then the day it spreads it's wings once more can't be far off.


Army of One: a powerful finishing technique that can only be activated while using the EP ability Overclock. It consumes addition EP.


Deal a barrage of lightning-fast slashes, while freely switching between the three costumes that you have equipped!


Army of One, Lightning's ultimate attack from the previous episodes returns for the final game, but this time it has evolved into an exceptionally speedy and dynamic technique.

Monsters are powerless before Lightning's ferocious slashing attacks and unable to defend themselves!


New Garb: Heartstealer A light and agile costume well suited to mobile attacks and evasion.
Combine this garb with abilities involving movement for rapid and exciting action!

Attacking motions will change depending on the weapon used. Armed with a rapier, Lightning attacks like a fast-moving fencer, with powerful thrusting strikes.
Excited? You ain't seen nothin' yet.

From past news, we've seen Hope trying to buy the world some time. We know that Snow is back, no longer as Lightning's ally but as her antagonist. In this next video, Sazh doesn't seem too happy to see her either. But that's not the part of the video that captured me. Pay special attention starting at 1:17.

It''s Fang! Oh, yeah! Now, we're talkin'!

And in case you missed it in our previous story, Square-Enix posted this trailer again today with extra footage about a very special pre-order bonus.

Hello, Cloud.

The Buster Sword? Braver? And...Omnislash?!

This game is getting better by the minute.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is scheduled for release on February 11th in the US and February 14th in Europe for the Xbox 360.
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