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By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
F1 2013 is just one of many titles making an appearance at this year's Gamescom. Codemasters decided to take the opportunity to reveal a few more of the gameplay features that players can expect from the upcoming title, after already revealing the modern day and classic content.

The expanded Young Driver Test is inspired by the Young Driver Test at Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina. In the real event, young drivers attempt to earn a place on the Formula One circuit. In the game, the Young Driver Test is used to ease new players into the game. Day One uses tutorials and videos to introduce players to competitive racing. Day Two creates challenges so that players can master elite driving techniques, increase their scores and unlock more racing seats in their careers.

A new Scenario Mode sets players a series of challenges outside of the Young Driver Test. "Defining racing moments" become the perfect opportunity to set quick-fire, graded targets where players can win medals. The return of the single-player Championship Mode lets players assume the role of their favourite driver and race in single races. If a bigger challenge is needed, you can take on a full or custom Formula One season instead. If you don't feel like completing a long race weekend in one go in a single three hour session, mid-session saves now allow players to complete the weekend at their own pace.

GRID 2 players will already be familiar with Codemasters' RaceNet community hub. The hub will be integrated fully into F1 2013, offering more in-game challenges, scenarios, community-wide challenges, visual stats and game progress updates that you can use to compare your progress to that of your friends. Players can access the free RaceNet hub through desktop PCs, mobile phones or via dedicated apps.

As well as the new and returning features, Codemasters will, once again, be improving their graphics and introducing more realistic driver AI. Take a look at the newest screenshots below:

Gamescom 1

Gamescom 2

Gamescom 3

Gamescom 4

Gamescom 5

Gamescom 6

Gamescom 7

Gamescom 8

Gamescom 9

F1 2013 is due to be released on October 4th in Europe and October 8th in North America.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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