Rocksmith 2014 Edition Gets Twangy Screens

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Rocksmith 2014 Edition opened Ubisoft's E3 keynote with an on-stage demonstration of the game's new features. The game has made another appearance at Gamescom with players able to get a hands-on demo of the title. For those who couldn't make it to the conference, Ubisoft has released this developer diary instead. It explains the game for potential players who have never used a Rocksmith game before and explains some of the new features that will be introduced to players who have played the previous instalment.

For those who can't watch the video, complete beginners need not panic as the game has tutorials that start at the most basic of understanding and cover topics like how to hold the pick and the guitar. Once you've started playing basic notes, the game allows you to change the difficulty as your ability progresses. The game has over 85 lessons for players to master.

The new learn-a-song mode allows players to learn one song at a time. The game then looks at your performance and recommends techniques to help you improve your score on the sections in which you are struggling. If there are sections of the song that involve techniques that you haven't yet used, the game will suggest lessons to teach you how to play those sections properly.

Riff Repeater can be activated when a song is paused midway through. Here players can set their own targets for sections and, upon completion, the game can put players back into the song. Players can shift to any section of the song seamlessly.

Master Mode can be triggered when players are playing songs at the highest difficulty. If you have performed well in a section previously, the notes will fade out so that you are playing from memory. If your performance starts to falter, the notes will reappear. When the song is completed, you get a mastery rating and score.

Missions are a guidance system that encourages players to try new things, improve their ratings on songs, or even try to beat the scores of their friends.

Take a look at these screenshots if you couldn't watch the trailer. Bear in mind that the menus and lessons are localised in French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish too.

Gamescom 1

Gamescom 2

Gamescom 3

Gamescom 4

Gamescom 5

Gamescom 6

Gamescom 7

Gamescom 8

Gamescom 9

Gamescom 10

There are over 50 songs featured on the disc and over 200 songs that can be purchased from the Rocksmith DLC library. The songs have recently been made available to purchase from the Rocksmith 2014 page too.

Rocksmith 2014 is due to be released in October both with or without a Real Tone cable. The cable will also be available for separate purchase.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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