Dead Rising 3 Shows SmartGlass Integration

By Archer Rival, 5 years ago
Much talk has been made of utilizing optional devices to enhance gaming on the Xbox One. SmartGlass consistently draws mention in interviews or press conferences with Microsoft executives. While this could be a costly peripheral, a large number of people already own a compatible device. The question then becomes, will games effectively use SmartGlass in a way that warrants turning the device on?

Capcom was happy to oblige a little "show and tell" of SmartGlass in action. Here we see how the integration attempts to create a better experience in Dead Rising 3. Could your smartphone become a legitimate weapon against the zombie uprising?

While rage-induced controller-throwing will never go out of style, you might want to take a deep breath if you become frustrated while holding your tablet.

Dead Rising 3 has been confirmed as a launch-day title for the Xbox One. We continue to await confirmation of that date.