Portal 2 Gameplay and Story Videos

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
In the post-E3 world, some continued news and videos will trickle out but the major typhoon of information is over. One such trickle is the follow two videos from E3 that describe the story and gameplay quarks of Portal 2.

The first video includes the original reveal trailer from E3 followed by a few more scenes showing the reconstruction of the facility you tried to escape. A nameless developer for Portal 2 will provide a bit of commentary explaining the setting for the new game and introducing a new character — the Personality Sphere. Mr. Personality is the reason GLADoS awakens. The final portion of this video shows how you will meet the Personality Sphere and the awakening of GLADoS. This second installment seems to retain much of the charming dialog from its predecessor.

The first video can be found here —

The second video introduces three new element of gameplay: the Excursion Tunnel, the Aerial Faith Plate, and the Thermal Discouragement Beam. Each one of these new features will introduce types of puzzles for players and seem to be fun just to play around with. The Excursion Tunnel is a beam that moves players and objects in a single direction that can also be guided with the use of the portals. The Aerial Faith Plate is a platform that when an item or player touches it, will be launched in a specific direction. Finally, the Thermal Discouragement Beam is a beam used to solve puzzles (similar to the ones where you need the particle to hit a certain receptacle to active a door) and to destroy enemies if you have a clear glass cube to direct its beam.

The second video can be found here —

The third video can be found here —