Girl Fight Arena Screens & Character Trailer

By Chewie, 5 years ago
Kung Fu Factory have brought us a series of screens and details about some of the arenas that the ladies of upcoming brawler, Girl Fight, will be scrapping in. In the game, a mysterious group known as "The Foundation" have abducted a selection of women and forced them to fight to exploit their potential Psi Powers in the hope of creating dangerous weaponry. Each arena is manifested through virtual reality by the group's supercomputer, the ATHENA, using the memories of each of the fatal females. They include a destroyed cathedral, a destroyed bridge, a destroyed city, a destroyed roof top and a pristine space port.

25/08/13 - Screen 1

25/08/13 - Screen 2

25/08/13 - Screen 3

25/08/13 - Screen 4

25/08/13 - Screen 5

25/08/13 - Screen 6

25/08/13 - Screen 7

25/08/13 - Screen 8

25/08/13 - Screen 9

25/08/13 - Screen 10

25/08/13 - Screen 11

25/08/13 - Screen 12

25/08/13 - Screen 13

If those screens lack the girls or the fighting you were hoping for, then take a look at this new trailer, which focuses on a handful of the curvy combatants:

Girl Fight is due this Fall on XBLA.
Written by Chewie
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